The Monday Night Movie August 2016 schedule


A duo of high-energy adventures – and one stirring emotional journey – are on the docket for our upcoming MNM schedule, including one of my for-real-not-joking-even-a-little-bit favorite movies of all time. You simply MUST join us & watch along live – though as always you can hit up our Bandcamp page for the commentary track afterwards (and Patrons get that track for free dontcha know).

Important to note though, that two of these gems are tough to come by. Not streaming anywhere, discs are usually from third party sellers etc so take that into account! If you need to “find” copies of them beforehand, well…


Amazon Blu-ray |  Older DVD

An upcoming Thirty Twenty Ten contains at least 30 minutes of TF:TM discussion, but if somehow even that’s not enough to sate your needs, please please please join us at 6pm Pacific to experience the relentless ride that is Transformers: The Movie. You DO NOT need to have prior knowledge of the lore to get this movie – most of the stars are all-new characters, as are the locales and villains.

One of said villains is a ROBOT PLANET voiced by Orson Welles. Its introduction also serves as the film’s opening, which I think is friggin’ stunning to see. Bear in mind this is in the same time period as cheapo toy movies that look like TV episodes stretched across 70-80 minutes of unbearable mediocrity:

It’s beautifully animated, loaded with ’80s exuberance (and voice talent) and unarguably the best movie made explicitly to sell toys.

You can try to buy a second-hand DVD, or uh, “find” it somewhere else. Do consider buying the upcoming 30th anniversary Blu-ray though!


STAND BY ME – August 15
Amazon Blu-ray | Download

So, I may have never seen Stand By Me in its entirety. I may have, but if so, it was years ago and I retain essentially zero knowledge of it. But it’s constantly held up as one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time, so it’s prrrrrrobably worth revisiting.

stand by me lardass

Granted, it may not be as beer-slamingly entertaining as the movies sandwiching it, but let’s conduct a grand experiment and watch something *gasp* emotionally stirring.


TRUE LIES – August 29
Amazon DVD

What a weird time for Arnold. Throughout the ’80s he absolutely killed it – Running Man, Commando, Predator, Terminator etc – but the 90s are all over the place. T2 rocks hard, but Last Action Hero, Eraser, Batman & Robin etc etc kinda took a little radiance outta his star power.

That said, 1994’s True Lies is a totally absurd action goofabout from James “T1-T2-Titanic-Avatar” Cameron. You’ll get explosions, stripteases, TOM ARNOLD, a slight dose of Heston, a friggin Harrier that launches a bad guy into a building… all this plus Arnold’s name is HARRY TASKER.

Just watch along. BUT – do so at a slightly earlier time of 3pm Pacific. There’s a poorly cropped, ad-riddled version on YouTube (as of this writing), but as with Transformers you may have to get creative to watch this with us. Very strange, given how successful this was and how many VHSes it probably sold back in the day.

To summarize: Transformers and True Lies aren’t widely available so do some research on your own, and Lies will be at 3PM. Stand By Me should be much simpler!


We hope this crop of Monday Night Movies got you jazzed for May. And just to make it clear, if anything as big as the death of David Bowie happens, we reserve the right to change this schedule on the fly. Hopefully it never comes to that though. Again, if you want to join in, the best way is to donate to our Patreon at the $5 level. Just to have it all clear in bold text…

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES begin every MONDAY @ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME (unless stated otherwise) live on the site, and the MP3s are exclusively available for Patreon members at the $5 level

6 thoughts on “The Monday Night Movie August 2016 schedule

  1. I was hoping the Transformers commentary would be in September instead because that is when Shout will be re-releasing the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray. I had missed the opportunity to purchase the movie on DVD, so I am currently without access to the movie. But, I have watched the movie so many times in years past that I would still be able to follow along with the guys commentary.

  2. All great choices, and I’m especially excited to see you Brett doing Transformers – especially so soon after Star Trek: First Contact gave you the TNG itch to scratch. What’s next, a Godzilla movie?!

  3. A great list for this month, I still have never seen True Lies so this should be interesting. Also kudos for picking Stan By Me, a modern classic.

  4. I watched transformers last year, fuck me its terrible, prepare yourself for disappointment. Stand by me i’ve not seen for a good while, i only really remember the leech scene…i think Kiefer sutherland is in it?
    True lies is a brilliant pick. the jaimie lee curtis scene alone “dance sexy” hilarious.
    so only 3 films this month? lame. will we ever get to vote again?

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