Pokemon Go – Royal Rumble


10 Pokemon enter the squared gym, one will leave having caught ’em all… IN THE THROES OF DEFEAT!

Pokemon Go is everywhere. Our website. Our YouTube Channel. Other places that hopefully factor into good SEO. Point is: There was only one thing left to do about the matter, and that’s have ’em all fight it out in the squared circle.

For more Fantasy Fights, or whatever we’re calling it, head over to our YouTube Channel and give that piss a sub. Or maybe watch the Ghostbusters (Penis Versions) or the Ninja Turtles duke it out below.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go – Royal Rumble

  1. Was definitely rooting for Charizard that match. Two questions though: Is the Kingdom Hearts video series dead? and have you guys considered doing a follow up video where all the winners of these theme matches come together to fight in an even more jarring Championship Royal Rumble?

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