The Best New Amazon Releases: Lobster Killing


A new model of Xbox One, an anime-focused shooter comes to PlayStation platforms, and a slate of great movies (with one controversial new release) hit Blu-ray with this week’s weird batch of new releases!

August has arrived, and with it, some fun new LT stuff, including a trio of excellent Monday Night Movies, a great new Laser Time about development hell, and a batch of great new gaming releases and some fantastic movies. Granted, there’s just one new game, but a new console model is worth the lack of new software this week. And the films out this week have made for some of my favorite movie-going experiences this year (even for the one that came out in 1978) Anywho, keep in mind that ordering a retail copy of a game while having an Amazon Prime subscription will take 20% off the retail price. Why wait for a deep discount when you get one at launch?! With that in mind here’s the games and movies worth seeking out:

Xbox One S 2TB Console – Launch Edition
If you’re looking to hop into Microsoft’s new-gen system and don’t have plans on (or the funds to be) getting into 4K gaming or VR, the Xbox One S is a great jumping-on point. Compared to the ungodly box that was the launch Xbox One, the Xbone S has a slim form factor that fits in closer with the PlayStation 4’s sleek style (though you can tell where the buttons are on an Xbox One S). For $400, you’re getting a system with a bit more hardware under the hood, leading to shorter load times and fresher frame rates, and should you have a 4K TV, the ability to watch video content in the highest definition possible. There’s also streamlined design of the power source (internalizing the power brick) and USB slots. 2TB of storage ain’t nothing to scoff at either. Even though you can hook up an external drive to the front-facing USB, that bounty of space should last for a few months at least.

GalGun: Double Peace
If it’s an odd or even-numbered month, you can expect a niche Japanese shooter to hit PlayStation platforms with a limited physical release. This time around, it’s the aptly named GalGun, which mixes scantily-clad barely-legal heroines with classic rail-shooter gameplay. Reviews have been mixed, with most critics enjoying the gameplay and having differing opinions on the risqué story content. Rest assured, if you like anime babes, GalGun will hit the target for you. You can arm yourself with GalGun on PlayStation 4 (link above) or on PlayStation Vita if you want to ogle on the go. Either way, this Japanese treat is 20% percent off if you have an Amazon Prime subsciption!

Batman: The Killing Joke
2016 has not been a great year for the Capes Crusader. Batman v Superman was panned by critics upon release, and this long-awaited story adaptation is facing its own critics as well. The Killing Joke has always been one of the Dark Knight’s darker stories and some have levied criticism for how it leans even harder into rough subject matter like rape and violence. Still, there’s been near-unanimous acclaim for the voice acting from the Arkham game series’ Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, so there are some reasons for superhero fans to dive in. You can get the standard edition above or get a Deluxe Edition (with an action figure packed in) that ain’t no joke!

The Lobster
After Chris and many of Laser Time’s Patreon supporters discussed this weird bit of comedy during the Best of 2016 (So Far) Laser Time, I had to check out Colin Farrell’s transformative role, and I have to say, it may be my favorite movie of this year! Everything about this movie is so distinctive, from the strange rules of society to the way characters speak with one another that I desperately want to watch again to get more context for this weird world. It may be too weird to win major film awards, but you can bet I’ll still be talking about The Lobster come end-of-year Laser Time awards time.

Around this time last year, we did a Laser Time about Failed Comedic Vehicles where established television comedians stumbled on their first (and usually only) big screen foray, and I worry we might have seen the same thing happen for sketch comedy geniuses Key & Peele. They of the East/West Bowl and overzealous valets tried to get an action-comedy about a missing kitten atop the box office rankings, but it failed to garner much of a following at theaters. This seems like something that will have a second life thanks to home video, so hopefully this Blu-ray sees better success than Keanu did at theaters.

April and the Extraordinary World
Who says that great cinematic animation can only be done by the Americans and Japanese? One of the most charming movies I’ve seen in awhile was April and the Extraordinary world, a story of a reclusive scientist named April who has the potential key to immortality and a companion in the form of a snarky talking cat named Darwin. It kinda goes off the rails during the last half hour, but the rest of the movie is a great adventure that mixes the mundane and insane.  I loved watching it with subtitles but I have a hankering to check out the English dub featuring the likes of JK Simmons and Paul Giamatti. God, I hope they BOTH play the cat!

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
You’ll hear more about this on tomorrow’s Bonus Time on Patreon, but the Laser Time crew went to a late night showing of this classic San Francisco-set science fiction classic. It even had director Phillip Kaufman on stage to talk about the seminal 70s cinematic masterpiece. And I loved what I saw… unfortunately the 10:30 PM start time and slow pace put me to sleep right around the time of the weird dog scene. Anywho, I’m glad that it has a new Blu-ray release so that I can enjoy Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy’s performances at a decent hour.



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  1. I really liked Keanu so I hope it can find life on the home, digital market. If I remember correctly, Key and Peele have another film in the pipeline so at least they will do one more film besides Keanu.

    There were a lot of great comedy films this year that just didn’t do well in the box office: Keanu, The Nice Guys, Neighbors 2, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. I bet Sausage Party will break the trend.

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