Celebrate Flight of the Navigator’s 30th Anniversary With This Rad Sizzle


An underrated 80s classic is three decades old this week, and the party just don’t stop…

Those of you who’ve been listening to us for a while have indulged me and my obsession with 1986’s Flight of the Navigator on more than enough occasions, so I won’t fault anyone for not wanting to read my multi-page, 8 million word piece on the movie that went up this week. (But just in case you wanna: Flight of the Navigator: The Most Underrated Movies of the 1980s!)

NOTE: Don’t miss out on some of these sweet ass GIFs on the third page!

But given all that praise, I forgot to make even one mention of Alan Silvestri’s unbelievable synth soundtrack. This dude has composed so goddamn many memorable film scores, from the Abyss to Avengers, in addition to penning some of the most immortal themes ever, such as Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, basically everything Robert Zemeckis ever did, etc. I think it’s worth noting that in between all those traditional orchestral pieces found in Predator, Delta Force, and Captain America: The First Avenger, the dude somehow managed to produce one of the most fun instances of theatrical electro pop for Flight of the Navigator, I just had to cut that shit together into a little anniversary trailer to showcase the movie’s and its theme. (This film has NO AVAILABLE THEATRICAL TRAILER?! Prove me wrong, internet!)

If you think I tear up every time I watch that, you shoulda seen the triumphant sobbing that occurred in the Laser Time studios while I was making it. No Shame! Okay, so if you’re willing to indulge me a little further, and/or still can’t get enough Flight of the Navigator (I can’t be alone in this obsession, right?!), please allow me to rattle of some related plugs. Hey, this movie’s only going to turn 30-years-old once, so I gotta get all this out because it could be the last time. Here goes:

-Check out my article, Flight of the Navigator: The Most Underrated Movies of the 1980s
-You can watch Flight of the Navigator with me and the LT crew with our full-length commentary here. (Members of Laser Time’s Patreon already have it at no extra charge)
-We dug into the Flight of the Navigator remake on this week’s Laser Time about Development Hell (As well as on Bonus Time, our weekly, Patreon-exclusive show)
-We talked extensively about Flight of the Navigator in the first segment of Thirty Twenty Ten last week
-A previous two-part Laser Time about Time Travel Movies discussed the science of Flight of the Navigator’s light speed theory. 

I’m sure I’m missing something, but LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I made a bizarre discovery in my Flight of the Navigator piece this week, but long story short, Flight of the Navigator miraculously has an official Blu-ray release. It’s an international copy, makes no mention of Disney, technically an import, and costs more than you’d probably expect (Hey, I paid over $40 for it when it released, making it the most expensive single non-special edition film I’ve ever purchased.) But it’s region-free (it’ll play globally on any Blu-ray player) it looks fantastic, and even has director’s commentary, making it the only special feature the movie has ever had compared to the bare bones official Disney DVD released in 2004. I can’t imagine this will be easy to obtain for much longer, so I strongly encourage Navigator fans to pick it up.

For more Disney dorkinessbe sure to check out our 15 Aladdin Facts You Never Knew and our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roger Rabbit article. 

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Flight of the Navigator’s 30th Anniversary With This Rad Sizzle

  1. That was great. It’s funny because I loved Star Wars as a Kid but Navigator always clicked with me more because the thought of an alien ship voiced by Pee-Wee sounded like best thing in the world. God, seeing those stairs solidify from liquid metal gave me such a feeling of nostalgia.

  2. Really enjoyed all the scenes you hand-picked. Loved that you zeroed on in the kids in the woods with Slip’N Slide and daytime sparklers.

    1. Yeah, that slip n’ slide scene really is one of the most Florida yards I’ve ever fucking scene on screen.

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