Snake, Samus, the Transformers and Metalocalypse – Aug 5-11


One of the greatest animated ’80s films turns 30 years old this week – and so does Nintendo’s Alien-inspired Metroid! 1996 brought us Escape from LA and HBO’s Arli$$, while 2006 introduced the world to Dethklok.

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Other topics covered include:


-One Crazy Summer and She’s Gotta Have It debut

-Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling” releases, along with Motorhead’s “Orgasmatron” and Ratt’s “Dancing Undercover”


Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation (charity album w Garbage, REM, Live, Indigo Girls) album to raise awareness of quadriplegic songwriter Vic Chesnutt

-Modest Mouse (Interstate 8), 2 Live Crew (Shake a li’l Something)

Ramones play their final show. FROM WIKIPEDIA – at the Palace in Hollywood. A recording of the concert was later released on video and CD as We’re Outta Here! The show featured several guests including Motörhead’s Lemmy, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen. Joey Ramone was diagnosed with cancer in 94, would die in 2001. All members were dead by 2014.

Robin Williams’ Jack releases, along with Basquiat

Arli$$ premieres on HBO – sitcom about a sports agent (premiered months before Jerry Maguire) is it weird that tv/movies tried to make us sympathise with SPORTS AGENTS in 1996?

-Part of Diana’s Classic Corner: The Beatles’ Revolver turns 50!



-hellogoodbye’s debut album releases, hit song “Here In Your Arms.” Also the debut

-World Trade Center releases the same week liquids become more or less banned when passing through US security. So get ready for a 9/11 discussion!

Tim Allen’s superhero flop “Zoom” releases, along with the first Step Up film and internet spook ’em up Pulse

Final episode of Blue’s Clues airs!







18 thoughts on “Snake, Samus, the Transformers and Metalocalypse – Aug 5-11

  1. I have an equally soft spot for Transformers: The Movie, and was hoping you guys would discuss one of its more bizarre-but-true facets I still can’t believe happened.

    Because it was a “kids’ movie,” someone obviously In Charge Of Everything took one look at the bands who were contributing to the soundtrack, decided one had a name that was too risque, and SUCCESSFULLY DEMANDED THAT THE BAND CHANGE THEIR FUCKING NAME if they wanted to be included.

    Which is why the badass song “Hunger” is credited to some impossibly generic Mad Libs band name of “Spectre General” rather than “Kickaxe.” I’m no student of music history, but I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before or since. It baffles me to this day.

    1. Everything about the TF soundtrack is kinda fascinating. You have the whole Kick Axe thing. Lion and NRG essentially having no noticeable presence in America. (Lion had one semi-successful album… in Japan. I don’t remember if NRG ever but out an album at all. They later reformed as Damn Cheetah.) Vince DiCola’s career essentially ended just as it began. Stan Bush should have been a success, but never went anywhere (though he continues to crank out music to this day and hasn’t lost a beat.)

      The only way to find any music by these bands is to troll long dormant torrent sites or to buy super-expensive import CDs.

  2. Thanks for all the Transformers:The Movie love this week. It has always meant a lot to me too. I was 10 and just moved from a small town to Philadelphia, literally after my last day of school in 4th grade. My dad worked for a small private college and we lived on campus, so I had no opportunity to make friends before school and really, once school started, it was rough being the new kid. I was kinda lucky in that my parents made good money and knew how rough it was by spoiling me with toys mainly Transformers and GI Joe, but I still missed my friends. Thankfully this movie came out and my parents took me once a week for probably the 4 weeks it was in the local theater. It was the first movie they ever let me go to by myself, probably because they could not stand it anymore, but it was the perfect escape for me. I hope you talk about the new seasons of the Transformers and GI Joe cartoons in the next couple weeks when they debut in the next couple weeks. It was a major shift for both with the post-movie time jump and introduction of Serpentor.

  3. that Autobot song Brett played at the first break is super rad and I totally forgot that I sampled it years ago………
    Brett, re: Modest Mouse, from my perspective they were one of many indie bands my friends liked around’98-’00, and ‘Float On’ had a different sound that most of them didn’t care for.
    I don’t begrudge musicians for selling their music for a commercial or whatever, I know people who do that. You have to do it. But in the case of something like ‘Float On’, I’d argue that the things my friends liked about them pre-Float On were not radio-friendly; like the sloppy, weird detuning etc. Those songs were too weird to get commercial airplay… So you can’t really harangue older fans for genuinely not liking the slicker Modest Mouse that emerged in the mid ’00s….. IMO 😉

  4. between this episode and the MNM showing of Transformers The Movie, I’m realizing I could listen to Brett talk about Transformers for an entire podcast. his enthusiasm and love of those big silly bots is great! he had to rip himself away from the mic at the end of this episode because he was about to go on a Transformers oral dissertation. and I LOVED it. I’m not even a TF fan really, I was a GI JOE kid, but I love hearing people talk enthusiastically about things they know about and love honestly. it’s why I listen to cheap popcast too, because I think the last time I actually watched wrestling was in the late 80s so… yeah. YAAAAAAAH!

    1. the GI Joe / Transformers rift was real! I remember being at a birthday party where they painted your face, either as “GI Joe” colors or “Transformers” colors…….and then we all divided into groups and fought each other based on franchise allegiance/paint-color. It was like a race war microcosm.
      I side with robots over army men, then and now — because they’re obviously cooler!

  5. I was at a farm so I didn’t have a chance to write this sooner which is why those news are a bit dated.

    News from my home country, Iceland. On august 1st. 1996, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was elected as the president. He was a very controversial figure before and after he became one. He was a politician who had been in three parties in Iceland. He said that the prime minister has “shitty matter” (bad translation) in a speech in parliament. He was our fifth president (we became independent from Denmark in 1944) but the first one in Iceland’s history to use a law that allows him to refuse to sign a law passed by parliament and making a referendum on it. He did it twice with the Icesave laws following our economic collapse, in 2010 and 2011,both of which were felled by the public. His wife is a billionaire owner of a family jewellry company who said in 2008 after our handball team got silver in the Beijing olympics games the equivalent of “Iceland is not a small country, it is the biggetest country in the world”. He himself travelled a lot for single companies abroad on their private airplanes to talk about how great Iceland was and the Viking blood our investors have allowing them to become filthy rich. In a 2005 speech in Britain he famously said “you ain’t seen nothing yet” when talking about Iceland. In Iceland we do not have any maximum term laws for presidents. In 2012 he said he wouldn’t volunteer for another four years before changing his mind getting re-elected until 2016. Then he did the exact same thing. Saying that he would stay for the next four years in his new years speech before changing his mind in april. This time however he changed his mind again and decided not to stay for longer. At that point the only non-royal national leader in Europe who had stayed longer than him was Alexander Lukašenko, the dictator of Belarusia and only just. A new president, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson a historian not affiliated with any political party (our presidents are genetally seperate from politics although Ólafur was a bit of an exception) got elected a month ago and took office this first of August.

    I do not know if you take commenter feedback when preparing the show and this is pretty late anyways but here you go.

  6. I totally missed Weird Al when I was 11 somehow, so by the time I started listening, I had a whole library of songs to enjoy at once. So I’ll bite … My Top 10 Non-Parody Weird Al Songs (and let me know what you think):

    10. Your Horoscope For Today (Running With Scissors, 1999) – This isn’t the most memorable song from this album, but it’s easily the most upbeat one on this list, as I opted for a lot of his darker songs.

    9. Don’t Download This Song (Straight Outta Lynwood, 2006) – Think “We Are The World” … but for musicians who want enough money to buy solid gold humvees.

    8. Melanie (Even Worse, 1988) – Plot: Guy can’t understand why girl doesn’t love him despite repeated attempts at stalking her. Eventually commits suicide.

    7. Bob (Poodle Hat, 2003) – This one is the Bob Dylan-esque song composed entirely of palindromes.

    6. Skipper Dan (Alpocalypse, 2011) – Hey, this is where my screen name came from! It’s a depressing song about a guy who wanted to become a serious actor but instead is working as a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland.

    5. First World Problems (Mandatory Fun, 2014) – Plot: Rich guy is upset by minor inconveniences in his upper middle class life, including not being able to remember which car he drove to the mall and not receiving wi-fi in his kitchen because his house is too big.

    4. You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Off the Deep End, 1992) – Plot: Guy suspects his girlfriend doesn’t love him because she is repeatedly trying to murder him in increasingly inventive ways.

    3. Wanna B Ur Lovr (Poodle Hat, 2003) – If you haven’t listened to this one before, this is Al’s really uncomfortable get-you-in-the-mood song. In concert, he crawls over seats in the audience to croon awkwardly to women, usually an inch or two away from their faces.

    2. Albuquerque (Running With Scissors, 1999) – Here’s a song you are unlikely to ever hear in concert, as it is a 9-minute ballad about a young man’s strange journey to a magical faraway place called A-L-B-U….Querque.

    1. Dare To Be Stupid (Dare To Be Stupid, 1985) – Come on, it’s STILL part of Al’s setlist. Absolute classic.

    Honorable Mentions: Fun Zone (the instrumental song off the UHF album), Airline Amy, Frank’s 2000″ TV, Nature Trail to Hell, Traffic Jam, Close But No Cigar, I Remember Larry, Lame Claim To Fame, Jackson Park Express

  7. I remember that couple minutes when everyone thought 9/11 was either a joke or just some mistake. The weird “joke” in my class in high school was wondering if it was Aliyah’s pilot or something like that because it was kind of soon after she died. That like small window was a weird time.

  8. Finally get to hear some TF Movie praise. Nice work Brett.

    I don’t disagree that most of the cartoon is hot garbage, especially pre movie episodes. But there are some gems in the post movie season. The writers were clearly bored of introducing a new toy each week and wanted to start building a mythology.

    At least watch Dark Awakening. It’s Zombie Mind Controlled Optimus Prime Vs. Rodimus Prime in a battle for the right of the Matrix. Rodimus is full on Spider-Man in the fight making quips the entire time. It’s fucking great and an excellent follow up epilogue to the movie and made me love Rodimus Prime.

    You also need to read the Transformer More than Meets the Eye ongoing comic with Rodimus and eventually Megatron as co-pilots on a Star Trek like journey across the stars. It’s right up your alley and it’s the best thing ever done with the TF license. I say that with no qualms about over hyping it.

  9. Greg Evigan was the NPR (Not Paul Reiser) from My Two Dads – He was also on a show called BJ & The Bear which was about a truck driver and his monkey.

    Also the Smash Mouth conversation had me in tears!!!

  10. I was (and am) a big fan of the Transformers cartoon. I think the first season holds up very well, because it’s kind of serialised and a little more serious. The second season is not, and is just introducing toy after toy.

    I loved the movie and like you guys, I was blown away by the quality of the animation.

    (Also, Beast Wars is great)

    And Escape From New York is 1981 not 1988!
    As cheesy as parts of it are, I do think it has a lot of trademark Carpenter humour and observations about society. I think it’s kind of unfairly maligned.

    Lastly, for BRET

    Here are Stan Bush and Vince Decola performing songs from Transformers the Movie at Botcon 2016

  11. The way Bret gushes about Transformers, and the way Chris does over Flight of the Navigator and Roger Rabbit is the same way I am with The Secret of NIMH.

    And I am one of those weirdos who likes the live action Transformers movies. I’ve seen all four in theaters and have enjoyed them all. Each screening was in a packed house with a very enthusiastic crowd. Part 2 is a bit of a chore, but worth it for Jetfire and the action sequences.

  12. For me, this was the greatest week of Lasertime network mainly due to Transformers movie coverage. I will echo others sentiments that I can also listen to Brett talk about Transformers movie even more.
    I have the movie more times than any other movie. The animation and soundtrack complemented each other perfectly. I had the VHS for you longest time but finally ordered the DVD (30th anniversary version, and yes, I did click through Lasertime’s website so they can a few nickels from the my purchase. I purchased the digital soundtracks as well.
    What I don’t really understand was how the movie only made about $6M in the box office. Transformers was a phenomenon at the time. A majority of kids would have gone to each the movie. I can completely understand that the movie did not receive good reviews, I liken this to the first Pokemon movie that was released in the States. At that time, so many kids were into it so when the movie was released, it had a huge take at the box office. I don’t think Pokemon received great reviews either. Well, that’s my thoughts on the matter.

    1. I was a Transformer fanatic and I didn’t know there was a movie in theaters at the time. But I saw the My Little Pony movie in theaters which was heavily advertised.

      I think they pulled back on marketing or something or didn’t think they need to advertise for it. Ot it didn’t hit many theaters. I only heard about it on the playground way after the fact.

  13. You claimed on this episode that Metalocalypse never had a real conclusion. You should check out “The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera.”

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