Laser Time is going LIVE this Monday with Suicide Squad and more!


Join Brett, Chris, Dave, and yes, HENRY for a live review of DC’s latest cinematic adventure this Monday, August 8th at 3PM. And yeah, Monday’s podcast will be a little late as a result.

HEAD UP: Come Monday, August 8th, I’ll bet a few of you will be showing up here wondering where the latest Laser Time episode is. It’s coming, don’t worry! Similar to what we did with Star Wars: Force Awakens and Batman v Superman, we wanted to do another LIVE review/reactions episode of Suicide Squad (and more, don’t worry) and the only way we could do it is by going live on Monday (at 3PM!) due to scheduling issues. Perhaps you’ve made up your mind on Suicide Squad, but we have not! If you’d like to share your thoughts with us and fellow Laser Time listeners, we’ll be going live here immediately following our screening of the film.

More than anything, we wanted to make sure Henry could be involved since his departure has left a comic-based void in all our hearts. Hopefully, this’ll be a nice return to form for Cape Crisis-lovin’ listeners, and in case you’ve never joined us for a live show, they’re really fun to participate in. Love or hate Suicide Squad, this is your chance to have your voice heard just by hanging with us. So join us here, or on or YouTube channel Monday at 3PM and be part of the Laser Time Podcast.

Until then, be sure to check out Jon’s review of Suicide Squad.

8 thoughts on “Laser Time is going LIVE this Monday with Suicide Squad and more!

  1. What a vapid, shallow, poorly lit/shot mess of a film. I don’t give a shit what people say about WB intervening on their DC films, this had David Ayer’s music video visual style all over it. At least we got to see the worst incarnation of the joker though. Congrats Leto, you finally gave the public a shitty take on the Joker, I’m thankful his scenes were cut out. Between this and BvS, I fucking regret all that shit I talked about the Nolan films and Singer’s boring ass Superman Returns. Those movies actually look like cohesive works of art compared to these shitfests in the DCEU.

    Between this and Deadpool, BvS, X-Men Apocalypse, Warcraft, Ghostbusters, Jason Bourne, 2016 continues to be the year of disappointments (and NO, Civil War wasn’t a fucking “masterpiece” like you fanboys like to think. It was a moderately good and overstuffed film).

    Add to that, hearing all the troubles that Rogue One film seems to be having, why not close out the year with a shitty Star Wars movie.

    1. Seems kind of depressing that you didn’t really enjoy ONE of these movies. Also not really sure where the dig at fans of Civil War came from, but okay.

  2. Darn, I was going to go see it half price on Tuesday. Guess I’ll have to wait for the podcast or spoil myself a day before. Decisions.

  3. I would’ve been better off seeing that Kevin Spacey cat movie. Eh, lose-lose situation.

  4. I honestly thought BvS was a better movie and I did not have a good time with that, so I’m curious to see what the gang thought. I really hope Wonder Woman has its shit together.

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