The Best New Amazon Releases: No Man’s (But Possibly Supergirl’s) Sky


One of 2016’s most mysterious (and highly-anticipated) game releases, Blu-ray’s for some of last season’s biggest shows, two VERY different WWE DVDs, and MORE are new this week on Amazon!

We’re rolling deeper into August, and even if it’s a month without holidays, there’s still plenty worth celebrating. Later today, we’ll have a comic-filled Laser Time where we discuss Suicide Squad, and the great new release this week means we’ll have a pretty neat Tuesday livestream set up for y’all. There’s also some great Blu-rays worth checking out, making this week a very underrated one for new releases. Going from underrated to underpriced, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll save 20% on new retail games (read: not digital codes). Why wait for a deep discount when you get one at launch?! Anywho, here’s this week best new games and movies!

No Man’s Sky
Forget Star Trek and Rogue One; THIS is the biggest space adventure of 2016. Well, hopefully it will be. After wowing press at multiple trade shows during 2015 and 2016, we’ll finally be able to traverse No Man’s Sky this week. Due to late patches and the online nature of the game, it’ll take some time for reviews to take flight, but you can bet Laser Time will be chatting this game up all week, whether it be on our Tuesday livestream or on this Friday’s Vidjagame Apocalypse. If you have Amazon Prime, don’t forget Every Man’s (and Woman’s) Discount will get you 20% off this highly anticipated adventure!

OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition
After Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 had an epic faceplant in 2015, the world of video game skateboarding is wide open. While we wait for EA to resurrect the Skate franchise, there are some great indie options (and who better to bring back skating games than indie devs?). OlliOlli isn’t a huge epic 3D skating sim with celebs and licensed songs out the butt, but it is a charming and addictive sidescroller that requires pinpoint rhythm and nerves of steel. I really dug the amazing original Vita game, and this package that puts the original and its sequel in one $30 package is quite tempting. Especially since the already cheap price will go even lower if you’ve got Amazon Prime! 20% off is an awesome trick!

Scooby- Doo and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon
The Hanna-Barbera/WWE team-ups we’ve seen over the last few years have been oddly alluring to us here at Laser Time. We’ve made lots of fun about WWE’s pitiful attempts to make their own movies, while Chris has made no bones about his hatred of the Flinstones and just about every other poorly-animated sell-out-to-any-sponsor dreck made by HB. However, we were so entranced by the Flinstones’ crossover with WWE that we did a commentary for it on the Laser Time Patreon, while Scooby-Doo has piqued our curiosity too, leading to this writeup of the Scooby-Doo WWE trailer. Like every other WWE animated venture, it’s already outdated on release day, so you can bet we’ll enjoy scoffing at the released wrestlers and old gimmicks on display when we watch the full version.

How weird is it that James Franco did a weekly television show in 2016… with Stephen King AND J.J. Abrams… on Hulu?! While I’ve yet to watch this (though Brelston had some good things to say about it on a recent Patreon-exclusive Bonus Time), my Back to the Future fandom puts any time-travel fiction near the top of my streaming queues, and this one involves a guy who tries to use a time portal to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy! If you wanted to see the show but don’t have a hankering for Hulu, you can get the entire series on disc right now!

WWE: Attitude Era Vol. 3
WWE home video releases have been in a weird space since the advent of the WWE Network. Why buy any PPV disc or wrestling match compilations when there’s a streamig service that gives you thousands of hours of wrestling content with dozens to hundreds of hours added every month? I wondered this when I looked up the contents of this disc, and I must say, I’m impressed. There are tons of recorded house-shows and post-TV dark matches that probably wouldn’t attract new WWE Network subscribers, but given how every other second of the WWE’s second renaissance has been aired (and analyzed) on WWEN, I’m curious to check out the rarely-seen matches on this collection.

Supergirl: Season 1
See?! 2016 hasn’t been ALL bad for DC? While their movies have left plenty to be desired (though who knows, maybe we’ll ACTUALLY LIKE Suicide Squad), there are bright spots, including their televised content like the continually good Flash and Green Arrow programs, as well as their hottest new show, Supergirl! Even if her movie wasn’t all that great (we dedicated an entire Laser Time to the Supergirl movie and its weirdness), Gal Supes had a great first season with tons of upside for the future with a Superman that isn’t a sad sack. You can relive the first season with this collection. Maybe by the time you finish all the special features, the Justice League movie will have come out and turned things around for DC?

A Hologram For The King
It’s been awhile since I’ve said this, but I’m geniunely curious about a new Tom Hanks movie. While he’s had award-winning work in the likes of Captain Phillips and Bridge of Spies, it’s almost become par for the course for constant Oscar contender. I like my Hanks with a bit of a comedic edge, and this adaptation of David Eggers’ novel is an interesting one. Tom Hanks trying to sell holograms in the middle east is already a strange concept, but seeing good ol T. Hanks putting a comedic spin on a role is a refreshing change of pace from his GIMMIE AN OSCAR PLZ serious performances.



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