New Luke Cage trailer’s got us pumped for September 30


Even though we saw a teaser trailer mere weeks ago – and just talked about said trailer on this week’s Suicide Squad / SDCC episode of Laser Time – Netflix / Marvel have released an All-New, Mostly Different trailer that paints a clearer picture of the show’s first season path.

As with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it looks like we’re in for some hard-hitting crime drama with the occasional superhuman feat. Still loving all the close-quarters action in these shows, and unlike Murdock and Jones, Cage is actually bulletproof, meaning he can handle guns, knives and the like in a much more direct manner. Basically saying, I think we’re in for a lot of great physicality and brute force, rather than flips or agility.


We also see a bit more of Cottonmouth, who was a Kingpin-like Cage villain back in the day. Seeing him, plus Misty Knight and the Night Nurse really help this, the third Marvel Netflix show in two years, feel like its own thing, in its own “Luke Cage” world. Can’t wait to see how he and Danny Rand get along!



We also get a super brief look at Cage as he exited the device that gave him his unbreakable skin – and as he stands tall, we see a nice homage to his ’70s costume, complete with bracelets and headband.

High hopes for this one!

3 thoughts on “New Luke Cage trailer’s got us pumped for September 30

  1. I’m honestly more excited for the Netflix universe at this point because the Luke Cage series looks awesome and I love Mike Colter in the role. Which brings me to the main reason why the Netflix universe is exciting, Jessica Jones (both the series and the character). I still adore everything about that show (with the exception of the female neighbor).

  2. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m just bummed that the trailer appears to spoil a character death scene. Hopefully it’ll at least be in the first episode so it won’t ruin much.

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