Talking Simpsons – Black Widower


Sideshow Bob returns for the first time ever, and he just wants to move on and start a new life with Selma. Or DOES HE?!?! Find out in this podcast…


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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Black Widower

  1. Just sayin’, I like it much better when you play the “Line of the Show” jingle AFTER playing the line of the show. Disrupts the flow less, and doesn’t put as much pressure on the line itself that having it before does.

  2. Re: MacGyver, Bob thought the joke was simply about Selma obsessing over such a mediocre show…
    But I remember at the time, there was a very specific ‘type’ who loved MacGyver: the stereotypical MacGyver fan was thought to be a sexless/unmarried middle-aged woman. I remember this particularly well because, around the time of this episode, my mom had friends who fit that description, who were literally obsessed with MacGyver; they were in love with the actor, sent him fan mail, etc. And this portrayal of Selma struck a chord in my household…

  3. Wiggum’s delivery of “if he was to commit a crime, would he really have invited the number one cop in town? now where did i put my gun… oh yeah, I set it down when I got some cake” gets me every time

  4. While Poe is some of the earliest western detective fiction, China has a tradition of detective fiction dating back much longer. The most famous in the west would be Di Renjie, known as Judge Dee or Detective Dee in English, and the most famous in China would probably be Judge Bao who dates back to the late 1400s/early 1500s in a series of politically loaded plays. If you want to look into it more, check out van Gulik’s translation of Di Gong An/The Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee or Tsui Hark’s movie Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame(very action heavy, but still a good movie).

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