The Fly remake, a Bordello of Blood and Snakes on a Plane – Aug 12-18


One of the best remakes of all time debuts this week in 1986, while the Cryptkeeper tells a tale of Dennis Miller versus demons. Then 2006 brings us monkey fightin’ snakes on a Monday to Friday plane, plus Final Fantasy VII gets its first big spin-off game.


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13 thoughts on “The Fly remake, a Bordello of Blood and Snakes on a Plane – Aug 12-18

  1. The Fly is top-tier sci-fi/horror, and a great example of a remake outshining the original. I think the trick to doing that is remaking crappy fifties sci-fi with basic, flexible premises.

  2. I’ve heard that people consider High Society to be a good remake, but I don’t think it ‘s anywhere near as good as Philadelphia Story.

    How did everyone manage to talk about the Fly without ever saying the word Brundlefly? They never even called the action figure a Brundlefly.

    Slippery When Wet was the second tape I ever owned, at the beginning of a life spending a lot of money on music. I still enjoy the album, though it’s hard to believe it was ever considered hard rock, and it didn’t take that long for Bon Jovi to turn mostly country.

    I remember Bordello of Blood having a lot of tits, but I watched it again not long ago, and it’s still entertaining, but not as tit-filled as I’d thought. I’ve seen movies that feel like they’re just Tales from the Crypt episodes that were stretched (usually unfortunately) to feature length films. Bob Gale (of Back to the Future and general Zemeckis collaboration fame) directed a movie called Interstate 60 that feels like a bunch of Tales from the Crypt stories that are given enough time, then they move on to another story, and another.

    I saw the Illusionist before I saw the Prestige, and I liked it better. I saw it again a year or so ago, and I still enjoyed the feeling of real magic that it has, where the Prestige has more of a feeling of a con being perpetrated. I liked the Illusionist until the end, when almost all movies about magic end up telling us that everything has really just been sleight of hand and clever manipulation of camera angles and such.

  3. You were close on Savage Planet. They aren’t attacked by bad CGI bears, but badly composited stock footage of bears. Although I think someone gets pawed at by some costume shop quality bear arms at one point, if I remember right.

    Here’s a few minutes of it if anyone’s morbidly curious:

  4. I’ve enjoyed other Laser Time podcasts, so I thought I’d give this a listen. I really like the format! Great work.

    Constructive criticism for Diane: No need to curse like a sailor. It honestly seems forced and is jarring to the flow of conversation. Secondly, you should tone down your impressions from scenes or lines in a movie/show/skit. It is cringy and on more than one occasion, had me skipping the podcast.

    Other than that, keep it up. Would like to listen to more.

    1. Follow up. Just listened to “Like Father, Like Clown” Talking Simpsons podcast and Diane was fantastic in that one.

  5. Wow, this week has a lot of stuff. The Fly is fucking awesome, and Manhunter is definitely underrated. While it takes some liberties from the book (which is usually pretty fine with Thomas Harris), I really appreciate that it creates its own atmosphere and has a really cool visual style to it, especially in contrast with how much Ratner’s Red Dragon is just aping the work put into Silence of the Lambs.

    When Shoot the Messenger came out it kind of passed me by, by after hearing the brief discussion about it I’m definitely going to give it a watch. And as for Bordello of Blood, I agree with Chris that I wish this kind of anthology horror film series continued and this one is pretty fun. It may not have the amazing camp of Billy Zane in Demon Knight, but I’d say watch ’em both if you’re into the genre.

  6. The Illusionist was pretty good. I had some issues with where the story ultimately went (plus a pretty bad CG effect that was supposed to be dramatic), but it’s a solid movie. Giamatti is great, as always. That said, The Prestige was better.

    Kill the Messenger was pretty good too, but don’t be fooled by the movie’s trailer that presents it as a white-knuckle thriller – it is not. The investigative drama only accounts for the first third or so, the rest is blowback drama from the story. It’s a pretty low key personal drama, but worth checking out.

    I don’t remember a lot of The Fly II, but I thought it was pretty good.

  7. I am currently looking at my boxed copy of Star Control (genesis version) It is a fucking HUGE game with lofty goals and an interesting backdrop that was severely hampered by a brutal inventory system. Fuel is really expensive and eats up ridiculously fast and the mining for resources to sell was kind of a pain in the ass. I really enjoyed training my crew of intergalactic monsters for different positions on the ship (never put a flower guy and a lizard together, for some reason.) A pretty good game for people into all that data management sim crap.

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