Latest Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer’s Got Vader!


The latest Rogue One trailer features an appearance by THIBBBBBBBBT *SPLORT*

I constantly try to remain cool, composed, and yes, above the Star Wars hype. But sweet Christ, damned if seeing Darth Vader in the first trailer in almost forty years EVER, since I’m too young to remember the goddamn marketing campaign for Return of the Jedi, doesn’t send me into a fucking frenzy. Honestly, it’s a small moment in the trailer, yet profoundly effective. And it’s one of many lovely small moments, old and new. Furthermore, it’s great to see a sizable budget sunk into a Star Wars tale that doesn’t directly involve the fate of the whole galaxy. Other than a couple Ewok movies, there is literally no precedent for this.

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We haven’t talked much here about Rouge One here, but in pre-Force Awakens world, it was the film I was most looking forward to. Obviously, Double J’s film bowled me the fuck over, but before its release, Rouge One would’ve been the movie I’d bet my money on being great. It has a more interesting time period for me (I don’t hate prequels, but there was absolutely no need to go back several decades), a more interesting new cast (Hannibal, Wash and Ghost Dog FTW!) and I absolutely love heist movies. This trailer provides just enough of a glimpse at the shenanigans about to ensue when a rag-tag group of pretty people, old character actors and a robot scamper off to steal Death Star plans. Please enjoy this as much as I did:

There’s a lot riding on this movie. I love the Star Wars comics, but for many long-time Lucasfilm fans, this film is going to need to justify the Expanded Universe/Star Wars: Legends canon reset Disney whipped on three decades worth of beloved continuity. I was already optimistic, but then I’m biased. I am writing this after four beers and with a sturdy case of goosebumps. Goo Lord, will I ever be immune to the charisma of that dick-shaped helmet?!

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2 thoughts on “Latest Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer’s Got Vader!

  1. ROGUE One, Chris. Don’t make me link that that Rouge Leader pic with Wedge Antilles looking fabulous.

    Also, Darth Vader was in the Revenge of the Sith trailer. And will be in Rogue One for just as much screen time.

    Nitpicking a fellow Chris aside, it does look pretty damn fun.

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