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We’ve marveled at Twisted Metal endings and gawked at the bizarre finales of Street Fighter EX, but now it’s time to dive into a trio of titles that raised the bar with console CG cinematics.

Tekken¬†began as an arcade game in 1994, then came to the PS1 mere months after its 9-9-95 launch. While 3D fighter Battle Arena Toshinden did enjoy initial popularity during said launch, it was Tekken that lived well beyond the mid-90s – and I’d argue a big part of the reason it lasted this long is the strong single player content it’s offered from the start.

Y’see, Toshinden’s endings sucked. And 2D fighting games (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers etc) had been doing the text-filled slideshow endings for five or so years at this point. Tekken, on the other hand, rewarded players with (for the time) beautiful ending scenes that looked like they could’ve been a movie on their own. Remember, the original Toy Story was still a month away, so CG of this quality, in your home, was quite rare.

All that said, these endings are silly af and a lot of fun to watch. Tekken 2 and 3 (all coming soon!) will have much more to see!

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