Stand By Me – Live Commentary!


August’s Monday Night Movies rolls along with this story about childhood that miraculously works no matter when you grew up! Join us at 6PM PST as we go in search of a dead body for Stand By Me’s upcoming 30th anniversary!

You can catch the action here, or keep an eye on our YouTube page, which will kick to live streamin’ around 5:55pm Pacific or so.


The Monday Night Movie is OVAAAAAAAAAA! Mad thanks to Mike Grimm for the appearance. Get the commentary here on our Bandcamp, or get ALL Laser Time’s Commentaries FREE* (and more) as a Laser Time Patron!

Why are we watching it now? Because Stand By Me turns 30 this month! You’ll hear about it soon on Thirty Twenty Ten, but for now, you can watch this classic with us. You can rent or buy the film on Amazon, or you can be a rebel like River Phoenix and procure the movie another way. Either way, join us at 6PM PST as we try not to cry into our beers.

...or do something different with our beers...
…or do something different with our beers…

If you miss it live, Patrons will automagically have the file and video for free, while all the rest of you NORMIES can grab it at Bandcamp for a reasonable price!

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