Jumping Flash sort of anniversary gameplay – let’s stream this!


As you’ll hear in an upcoming Thirty Twenty Ten, PS1 classic Jumping Flash! 2 is about to turn 20 years old. But rather than play that one – which we’re all a little less familiar with – let’s enjoy the 1995 TRUE CLASSIC in today’s live streamin’ show.

Join as at the usual 3pm Pacific for a quick romp through the jagged-but-joyous world of Jumping Flash. It stars a robot rabbit (Robbit) who can triple jump through a rudimentary polygonal world in search of carrots. And that’s the game!

But the soundtrack, people! Tremendous work from the late Takeo Miratsu, who died in 2006. We’ll play the game partially to remember the 20th bday of Flash 2, but also to help spread the amazing music found in the original game.

It may be odd to experience this today, in 2016, if you weren’t around for those early days of 3D gaming. There was no Mario 64, no Nights, no nuthin’ really. So those early PS1 days are filled with experiments like Jumping Flash – come watch!

You can also check out this old VGMpire for more on the music!

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