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The legendary Spinal Tap appear on this week’s episode, inspiring Bart to try guitar and eventually leading to Otto moving in with the Simpsons in this week’s loose, musical episode…


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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Otto Show

  1. One thing you guys didn’t talk about is how a rumour started with this episode that the Simpsons take place in Canada.

    This is because route 401 is a major expressway in Ontario and there were lots of theories about it being set in Canada at one point.

    Obviously, it turned out to be false, but it was fun to speculate.

  2. The crazy brother thing is not, in fact, limited to Southern presidents. Barack Obama’s crazy half brother is a strident Trump supporter in part because he blames POTUS for the untimely demise of his dear friend Muammar Gaddafi.

  3. The line about Homer having a chicken wing stuck to his face for three days is one of those Simpsons references that my siblings and I would repeat ad nauseam for years, and still occasionally comes up out of nowhere in conversation.

  4. Man, I forgot how many good lines they gave Otto in this episode. Also, goddamn, Henry’s Otto voice is on point.

  5. Escape From Camp Deadly, funny enough, is actually how I heard of the Simpsons – I had one of those HOW TO WIN AT GAME BOY GAMES books and Escape From Camp Deadly is in it. Never actually played it, but it made me ask my dad about The Simpsons and it was all uphill from there. Sad to hear it was terrible, but I’m not surprised.

  6. I was a school bus driver for 3 years. The schedule rocked, but it was a cylinder of hate. Plus, our county did not put monitors on the regular school buses so the driver had to be everything. I had a kid break my door on a route once which left me with a hot bus full of high schoolers who nearly went Lord of the Flies on me. The elementary and high schoolers were the easiest though. Middle schoolers are the worst. I feel ya, Skinner.

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