Stand By Me, Dr Moreau’s lost soul and Invader Zim signs off – Aug 19-25


Four boys discover a body and tell a tale of Barfarama, then this very week in 1996 saw the release of a Brady Sequel and a doomed Island of Dr Moreau remake. Not to worry, because Jumping Flash returned to the PlayStation, and 2006 saw the end of Invader Zim.

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Other topics covered include:


Lake Nyos disaster kills 2,000 in Cameroon

-Postal worker Patrick Sherrill pursued and shot twenty co-workers, and killed fourteen of them, before committing suicide. Sherrill’s attack inspired the American phrase “going postal”

-Films released include Extremities, Another Saturday Night and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

TV Movie “Dark Mansions” airs, an Aaron Spelling-produced TV movie, described by the NY Times as “a soap opera with ghosts”

-Paul Simon’s controversial “Graceland” album and Paul McCartney’s sixth post-Beatles release this week

-Papa Don’t Preach is the number 1 song in America!



Sneaker Pimp’s “Becoming X” album releases, including single “6 Underground”

Movies include Solo, Carpool and A Very Brady Sequel

-Steve Harvey Show debuts, plus CBS celebrates 25 years of The Price is Right

Nights launches in the US on Sega Saturn, Jumping Flash! 2 hits the PlayStation



-Paris Hilton’s debut album “Paris” releases, including “Turn it Up.” Also new stuff from The Mountain Goats, Boys Like Girls and Outkast’s “Idlewild” tie-in album

-Pluto is downgraded from planet to other, smaller, less remarkable planet

Beerfest, Idlewild and How to Eat Fried Worms hit theaters

-Games released include Pac-Man World Rally, Tenchu Dark Secret and Freedom Wings








14 thoughts on “Stand By Me, Dr Moreau’s lost soul and Invader Zim signs off – Aug 19-25

  1. regarding the quality of Paul McCartney solo LPs… time has definitely redeemed ‘Ram’,, record collector nerds seem to love this album. it’s like a suite of little interlocking songs, a bit reminiscent of the wackier tracks on Abbey Road…
    Jumping Flash’s music is so good,, man that first world bagpipe track really takes ya back…!!! RIP that dude ;(

  2. Ever since I got my Stand By Me Blu Ray which was only about a week ago, I uploaded it to my plex and have noticed that I watched it about four times already which none of them included the commentary version. It just such an easy watch, great pacing, relatable characters and probably the best kid acting the 80’s had to offer. it’s like the expendables for kid actors.

  3. For Christ’s sake, Antista! Your oversell is out of control!

    The Brady Bunch Movie “might be the most fascinating movie of the nineties”!?!?

    Are you high? I won’t be the boor who lists 100 flicks off of the top of his head which fit that description better, but I promise that list exists.

  4. A fun fact about Stand By Me is that (according to Corey Feldman in his ‘Coreyography’) it was deliberately filmed in Oregon, as the producers wanted it to have a gloomy, foreboding feel and it was thought the typically overcast Oregon climate would suit it well.

    And then of course they ended up shooting in a totally unexpected heat wave!

    I love it though – the atmosphere in that movie is just incredible and the hazy, shimmering, tangible summer heat is a huge part of that.

    The town where they shot is a couple of hours drive south from where I live in Portland – would love to visit one day.

  5. If you’re looking for a sweet movie with Mario Van Peebles, BAAADDASSSSS! is pretty fucking great. Yes, it’s about his father. Has an awesome bit with weirdo Adam West and David Alan Grier of all people. Okay. Probably overselling this, but it’s a fun look at the making of Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song.

    “It’s about getting the man’s foot out yo ass!”

  6. It’s so weird that Invader Zim’s abject grossness never really hit me until I heard you guys talking about it on this episode. I mean, of course I knew that the show was disgusting just from watching it, but the sheer magnitude and degree of ugliness and viscera never truly dawned on me as a child.

    For some reason I’m totally cool with marathoning a bunch of Invader Zim episodes, but a few seconds of Ren & Stimpy causes me too tap, which is a damn shame because I really want to watch it after hearing Bob wax rhapsodic about it!

  7. Because of your recommendation on a previews, Lost Soul has become one of my favorite documentaries. It is just fascinating and bizarre.

  8. I can confirm that Carpool was on HBO a lot in the late 1990’s. My sister and I watched it way too many times not because we liked it, but because it was on so frequently.

  9. Had to put in my two cents before next week, since Brelston mentioned Beyond the Beyond, which may be terrible, but is also a BIG turning point in games:

    Sega CD4 – aka “Sonic! Software Planning”, aka “Camelot Software Planning” – was the division of Sega that had made their flagship “Shining” RPGs for the Genesis and Saturn. In 1995, they spun out from Sega, but entered an agreement that they could continue developing games with Sega’s IP (specifically the Shining name) as long as they didn’t develop a competing product for another system. While they were working on Shining The Holy Ark for the Sega Saturn, they also developed a PlayStation game, Hot Shots Golf. It was successful, so they tried their hand at another PlayStation game: this time an RPG called “Beyond the Beyond.” Sega was fine with Hot Shots, since Camelot had never made a sports game for them, but Beyond the Beyond took too many elements from the Shining games, so they ending their relationship with Camelot as soon as the game hit the shelves. Camelot would never make another Shining game.

    Why is any of that important? Because once Sega ended their relationship, Nintendo swooped in and signed an exclusivity agreement with Camelot to make Mario sports games based on the work they did for Hot Shots Golf. Without Beyond the Beyond, there would be no Mario Golf, no Mario Tennis, possibly no Mario sports at all. And all it took was one truly dreadful PlayStation RPG.

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