Happy 25th birthday, Super Nintendo!


Though the precise date is hard to concretely declare, it’s largely believed the SNES officially launched on August 22, 1991. That means it’s just about to celebrate its 25th birthday – at long last, my Super Nintendo can rent a car.

Wasn’t sure what to do for the occassion, so I settled on a bubbly assemblage of launch-day game clips, all set to the exciting Gradius III soundtrack. Nothing special, but it’s the thought that counts!

The SNES is without a doubt my favorite console, and the launch lineup was so strong that just about every game that came out from August through the end of the year is still worth playing / investigating to this day. There are “less good” games but man, for the most part, it’s a stellar cast of games that includes Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings, Sim City, Gradius III, Super R-Type, Final Fantasy II, Final Fight, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Actraiser… I could go on!

Anyway, I got mine in November 1991 and while 25 years is a long time, it definitely¬†feels like it’s been 25 years since that day. Hard to imagine it’d be just five years until the N64 launched in September 1996, and almost exactly 10 years to the day for the launch of the GameCube. Tack another 10 years to¬†that and you’re in 2011, which brought us the 3DS and the promise of the “next” Wii – which wouldn’t launch until 2012.

So yeah, it’s been a while. But none of those launch era SNES games have lost my interest even after all these years. So hats off, ya big grey-but-slowly-turning-corpse-yellow box!

5 thoughts on “Happy 25th birthday, Super Nintendo!

  1. Loved the video Brelston!

    As much as I would like to believe that the NES is my favourite console, I just have to go with the SNES. Although I loved my time as a child, growing up with the NES the quality of games was just so all over the place (most of them were terrible). The SNES had one of the strongest launch lineups I’ve seen to this day and the games in general where mostly good to amazing. The SNES came around for me when I was just starting middle school and I spent so damn many weekends playing FFIV, Super Mario RPG, Link to the Past, Final Fight……well…..the list just keeps going. That console really helped me cope with the general shittyness that is middle school.

  2. Are you celebrating Metroid being 30 years old, even though that refers to the Japanese launch, which no one in America knew about, because even in the Super Nintendo days we had to rely on magazines that didn’t give us much information about Japan, and then celebrating the Super Nintendo’s American launch on the correctish day? I don’t understand why so many sites are pushing Japanese dates for celebrations of anything in the 8-bit days, since we knew pretty much nothing about Japan then, unless they plan on celebrating the American release dates, too. I know the names of the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo are different, so it’s easier to celebrate both, but all the big Japanese release anniversaries being celebrated by American sites has annoyed me this year.

    I never really loved the Super Nintendo (I’ll never call it it Super NES, or SNES, since then you wouldn’t know why Ralph calls him Super Nintendo Chalmers,) the music always bothered me more than Genesis music, but it had some great games, and is certainly one of the greatest classics in gaming.

    1. Normally I wouldn’t bother w Japanese anniversaries, but when big franchises hit milestones like 25, 30 years old etc, it feels a little more appropriate. Personally I tend to stick with NA releases but yeah, we’re in a period of time where lots of groundbreaking games are going to have big anniversaries, which means their Japanese companies are going to consider promoting this fact (with merch, games or both), which then means their Western offices probably have to tow the line – they don’t own the IP so they kinda gotta go along with Japan. This then makes press / streamers react to anniversary news with their OWN activities, and before you know it we’ve all celebrated Zelda turning 30 despite NA not having it for another year.

  3. 25 years before 1991 was 1966. The Beatles were just getting into the swing at that time, and in 1991 they seemed really old. Things that happened in 1991 don’t seem as long ago now as things that were 25 years old in 1991.

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