Kingdom Hearts: Back with Jack!


After a several week sabbatical, Laser Time’s weekend playthrough of Kingdom Hearts returns from the depths

My sincere apologies. For those of you not keep tabs on the LT situation, a lot of our equipment shit the bed a few weeks back and we were forced into a nasty Disney-based hiatus. That’s the price of being a small organization, I s’pose! It took us a little time to get back up and running while still maintaining all the regular, decidedly more popular Laser Time features, but hey, you can help support us on Patreon and we made you a badass trailer for our triumphant return. Oh, wait: Kingdom Hearts! Um… Hope you like me making fun of Nightmare Before Christmas!

Whatever. It’s good to be back, and we hereby re-promise to see through Kingdom Hearts in its entirety. Whether we play any more titles in the KH series is kinda dependent on you and your interest, which seems to have waned a bit judging by the previous episode, not to mention how long you’ve had to watch them in the downtime. But seriously: No pressure! Catch up on Kingdumb Farts here or in the playlist below!

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Back with Jack!

  1. Yes! Was almost ready to give up on this one. Knew it was due to equipment failure so figured there was a decent chance it was gone forever. Glad to have it back.

  2. Oooooohhhh mannnn. The sweet sweet smell of Kingdom Farts. Happy to have you back guys.

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