Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Friend Falls In Love


Inexplicably, Milhouse actually gets a girlfriend and Bart doesn’t take it very well. Meanwhile, Homer learns new words when he’s supposed to lose weight in this week’s podcast…


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13 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Friend Falls In Love

  1. Eighth Grade, Washington DC trip, all my friends abandon me to be with their girlfriends instead of having fun, I am alone.

    1. 8th grade, Washington DC bus trip… my friends are making out and giving hand jobs to their boyfriends. Instead of abandoning me, I am awkwardly around them. Worse than being alone?

      I feel for Bart being abandoned like that, but if you’ve seen Stranger Things – Barb perfectly portrays the female side of this.

      1. I need tampons as much as I need anything from any of the ads on podcasts. I bought a Casper matress, and still have to hear those ads, but nothing else is anything I need. It’s good podcasters are getting paid, I guess, but like almost all advertising, it just wastes my time, thankfully it’s mostly skippable now.

  2. In the middle of the episode, I always thought the magazine Lisa is reading was a parody of Omni magazine.

  3. The opening Raiders parody is one of my favourite Simpsons segments of all time.

    Growing up, I was definitely not relating to Milhouse in this episode. Instead, I was only ever on Bart’s side, seeing people having crushes and not really getting it (however, not sabotaging them like he does). I randomly tuned in and rewatched this during high school after a particularly frustrating first crush and I really felt for Milhouse in a lot of ways. It’s episodes like this that help me really appreciate the show, where it works on multiple levels and in different ways depending on your age.

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