The Best New Amazon Releases: Deus Ex-Football Players


The biggest annual franchise in sports, a much-anticipated futuristic action-stealth game, and two horror-show season Blu-rays are hitting Amazon this week. Read up on those releases and much more!

As we enter the last week of August, you have to be impressed with the surprising quality of games and movies out this month. We’ve already seen one of the year’s most talked-about games with No Man’s Sky this week, and we’ve got two more HUGE games this week (even if one is annual). On top of that, there’s a Japanese fighter that surely was subject to some translation issues like the kind we discussed on this week’s Laser Time: Lost in Localization. Oh yeah, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll save 20% on new or pre-order retail games we link to (read: not digital codes). Why wait for a deep discount when you get one at launch?! Anywho, here’s this week best new games and movies!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the greatest reboots of the last generation (from the reboot masters at Square Enix no less). It told a pretty gripping tale of humanity and augmentation in a fantastic futuristic environment with gameplay that offered multiple solutions to complex missions, be it stealth, action, or diplomacy. While Mankind Divided isn’t reinventing the western RPG wheel, it still looks gorgeous and hopefully plays well, too. You can check out our archived stream on Laser Time’s YouTube page or listen to our discussion on this Friday’s Vidjagame Apocalypse! Your options are also divided; in addition to the standard PS4 version above, there’s also an Xbox One version, and there’s a collector’s edition for both PS4 and Xbone. Regardless of which physical version you pick, you’ll save 20% off if you have Amazon Prime. Unlike Adam Jensen, here’s hoping you DID sign up for that!

Madden NFL 17
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME VIRTUAL FOOTBALL?! AN ANNUALIZED PARTAY! Look, if you’ve come here for insight on this year’s Madden, you’ve come to the wrong place; we only offer insight into athletics where the competitors are in near-undress. Having stayed away from digitalized football since the PlayStation 2 launch, the only praise I can give Madden 17 is that it looks freakin fantastic; WWE 2K16 puts far fewer folk on the screen and struggles to look half as good most of the time. Anywho… you can get a Deluxe version of Madden 17 if you’re getting this footbaw game on PS4 or Xbox One (get the standard Xbox One version here); the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions are standard only. Regardless of which field you play on, ordering a disc-based version on Amazon saves you 20% if you’re playing on the Prime team!

The King of Fighters XIV
Street Fighter V isn’t the only big fighter headed exclusively to PlayStation consoles this year! While King of Fighters isn’t the EVO mainstay as Street Fighter or the goofy ending factory that is Tekken, it’s still a solid fighting game with plenty of classic characters from the Bogard brothers to the snappier-dressing King (a nice suit>cat mask) to Vidjagame Apocalypse favorite GEESE. Anywho, now the series is polygonal and on new-gen, so you can enjoy fancier online fights like a true king… of fighters! There’s also a Steelbook Launch and a Premium Edition, too. Whichever one you buy, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll be the King of Savings with a 20% discount!

The Nice Guys
If you haven’t seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, shame on you! You could call it one of the most underrated movies of the last decade, but I’ll definitely profess it’s the RDJ comeback role Marvel was watching when they decided to cast him as Tony Stark. In fact Bang, Bang’s writer/director, Shane Black, would go on to direct Downey again in Iron Man 3, but Nice Guys is basically Black’s murderous LA-based comedy follow up I’ve been waiting for. Set in the 70s, Gosling and Crowe play two beautiful losers trying to get after a missing girl, and it’s probably everything the second season of True Detective should’ve been. It’s one of the few movies I dragged my ass to theaters to see, and you should definitely check it out now that it requires considerably less effort.

Midnight Run
It’s a shame Gigli scared Martin Brest into hiding because he’s one of my favorite unsung directors of the 1980s. Beverly Hills Cop, Scent of a Woman, but Midnight Run… Midnight Run I could easily put in my Top Ten Movies of All-Time. Before Robert De Niro became an unwitting comic actor purely by getting old and cast in roles of defeated irony, this is was perhaps his first, most natural, and best attempt at a comedy, and he does it all be being a wonderfully unlikable asshole. And if you’ve ever wondered why your parents thought Charles Grodin was funny, Midnight Run would be your answer, where he plays an altruistic, embezzling mafia accountant De Niro’s bounty hunter character Jack Walsh, has to decide whether to bring Grodin for a massive payday that’ll probably also get him murdered by the same mob boss that ruined his life as a cop. Funny!
Midnight Run is pitch perfect 80s, it’s raw and violent action/comedy holds up excruciatingly well, and if you’ve listened to our podcasts, I’ve opened with Danny Elfman’s bizarre score on numerous occasions. I’m fine calling Midnight Run both Grodin and De Niro’s greatest all-time roles, and this new Blu from Shout Factory sports a brand-new transfer and all new interviews with the amazing cast, which also includes Joe “Joey Pants” Pantoliano, Yaphet Kotto, and John Ashton (“MARVIN!”) If I get my way, this will absolutely be a Monday Night Movie in the near future.

Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 1
Since almost nobody I know has a Starz subscription, this is probably the optimal way to check out the latest and long-awaited entry in the Evil Dead series. No, not the goddamn remake, you filthy millennial! This whole motherfucking 10 episode series is Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s official follow up to Army of Darkness, and I’m more than a bit surprised that more people aren’t singing its praises every day. Of course, I haven’t seen the series through to the end either, but that’s because other than visiting my parents on the holidays and outright piracy, I had no method of viewing Ash vs. Evil Dead, but now that it’s finally available for purchase you better believe I’ll finally check out the pitch perfect continuation of what might very well be the greatest horror comedy showcase in the history of pop culture.

Walking Dead: Season 6
As someone who continued to watch The Walking Dead to contribute to the dearly departed Cape Crisis, season 6 of The Walking Dead really tested my patience while also delivering some kickass moments. The delaying of Glenn’s fate for multiple episodes was a source of frustration, as was the season-ending cliffhanger that delayed Negan’s awesome first impression for a few months, but between the fall of Alexandria and the rise of Negan and The Saviors, it felt like big things were happening on TWD for the first time in awhile. If you’re looking to brush up on the show’s big momentsm there’s no better way than the Blu-ray release!



Kingdom Hearts III
Gears of War 4
Mafia III
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