Nights: Journey of Dreams – Wii Gameplay


Much like an actual dream, Sega’s long-awaited sequel to Nights: Into Dreams was almost immediately forgotten. Although hardly a nightmare, the only other game in the series is lost on Wii, where the visuals and controls were deoptimized to take advantage of the system’s winning combination of standard definition resolution and moronic Wiimote waggle.

You can miraculously still buy Nights: Journey of Dreams on Amazon!

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3 thoughts on “Nights: Journey of Dreams – Wii Gameplay

  1. Man, the original is still one of my favorite Saturn games, shame this one has all the fun of a sloppy fart.

  2. Oh hell yes. I was hoping this was going to happen. I loved watching Chris play the original. He gave me an appreciation for it that I never would have had had it not been for his commentary.

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