Wicker Man, Crank and Idiocracy, plus Robotech and Tekken 2 – Aug 26-Sep 1


30 years ago this week a butchered Robotech movie died in theaters while Steve Winwood soothed our souls. 20 years ago, in 1996, PlayStation classic Tekken 2 debuted alongside Die Hard Trilogy, and in 2006 three wildly different films hit cinemas as Deadwood comes to an end.


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18 thoughts on “Wicker Man, Crank and Idiocracy, plus Robotech and Tekken 2 – Aug 26-Sep 1

  1. It’s really funny to only HEAR the trailers but not see them. It always feels like someone doing an impression of a dumb trailer.

  2. Status Quo are the fucking worst. just awe full old man Brit pop rock who keep saying the tour their on is their last tour, yes they’re one of those bands.

  3. I used to think that Steve Winwood’s song was Break me up high or low – I was hilarious as a child LOL

  4. Snap!, who are actually two German men sitting at computers, are so fucking good and like weirdly underrated; they touched the hearts of so many 90s kids and now we laugh at them ;(
    I srsly love how Brett is always unironically embracing the 90s eurodance/hip-house stuff. These underappreciated genres need advocates!!

    1. The fact that their rapper called himself Turbo B despite having the most lethargic delivery proves they they were also masters of irony.

  5. Great as always Brelston. I was seriously startled when Iron Maiden started playing because I had thought my music had started and my podcast had stopped! That’s kind of a shame that your first Maiden concert was A Matter Of Life Or Death. In their defence, Iron Maiden actually said beforehand that they were going to play the entire album. The reason being was that they wanted to thank the fans because it was their highest album debut in years. (I believe it actually hit #1 in a bunch of places). If memory serves me, I believe they still played about 5-6 classics as well. I remember hearing some of the backlash from people that were not aware. Maiden then did a tour where they just played the 70’s 80’s stuff to make it up to upset fans. Honestly, it never bothered me since they have had countless tours where they just play the old stuff.

    If you guys didn’t know about it, check out Rifftrax’s Wicker Man commentary. It’s just so god damn good.

  6. The Stupids – a really stupid movie with one really brilliant gag: Tom Arnold’s character was once a mailman (or as Mom says: “Government Courier”), and he discovered a supervillain named Sender, because so much mail was being sent as “Return to Sender.” And then it went nowhere.

    Also, I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t think Idiocracy was any good. There were a few good jokes, but the narrator was awful. It was literally explaining every joke. A good premise, but the writing was terrible.

    1. Regarding The Crow – the movie would have probably been fairly different had Lee not died. There was still seven days to shoot that had to be scrapped. There were also scenes that had been filmed, but apparently not completed and were also left out. There are deleted scenes that have never been fully released, but based on the story they were filming and some of the shots I’ve seen, the stuff that was cut looked pretty bad. Sad to say, but the movie was probably improved as a result of his death.

      Who knows if Lee would have become a star. I like to think so. He was good looking and certainly had a lot of charisma. If you’ve only seen him in The Crow, definitely check out Rapid Fire and Showdown in Little Tokyo. They are a lot of fun.

      I used to absolutely love The Crow. It’s still a sentimental favorite of mine, but my opinion certainly has cooled off over the years.

  7. My god Spitting Image! I never knew that was played outside of the UK, I loved that show when I was younger great british humour 🙂

    Also f*ck Margret Thatcher she desreved everything that show threw at her & John Major. I grew up during the miners strikes in a northern mining town, i remember seeing my neighbour having his door kicked in and left in a bloody mess because he was a ‘scab’. All because he had a family to feed. So FU Mage!

  8. You completely mangled the explanation of Robotech, it’s not Japanese at all, it just uses footage from unrelated shows to cobble together their show but is not faithful at all to any of the animation they are using. Just like Saban does with the Super Sentai footage to create their Power Ranger shows.

    The Robotech TV show was three unrelated shows: Macross, Southern Cross, and MOSPEADA. The movie was MegaZone 23 footage. None of these shows had anything to do with each other in Japan and MOSPEADA was even done by a different animation studio so the designs don’t even match.

    1. Jesus, did you leave that comment after hearing the first sentence on Robotech: The Movie? Pretty sure 90% of this was brought up on the show.

  9. I put hundreds of hours into Daggerfall back in ’96-97. I remember the skills that you could take that were useless, like the Dragon language skill. There were no dragons in the game! There were separate skills for everything. Long Blades, Short Blades, Blunt Weapons, etc. The Custom Class option was awesome because you could find technicalities to abuse it. You could take a critical weakness to paralysis, but make your character a High Elf that had natural immunity to paralysis for a free XP multiplier. I also recommend Brett search for Daggerfall – Over Snow on Youtube. Game had a good soundtrack that is mostly forgotten these days.

  10. Status Quo opened Live Aid in ’84 with Rockin’ All Over the World, also it’s a cover of a John Fogerty song, so those garbage lyrics are all yours, America!

  11. On the subject of Die Hard Trilogy, there was an article in Retro Gamer about it a while back that was accompanied by the release of a homemade making-of ‘documentary’ that the team filmed during production between 1994 and release.

    It’s in seven parts on Youtube, starting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVgokAf416Q

    Watch it and be amazed at how tiny the team is, especially compared to the massive globe-spanning collaborations that create every big Ubisoft franchise.

  12. I can’t find that twin peaks pizza vine mentioned in the podcast. Can anybody find it and let me know? This is extremely important.

  13. I watched so much of UPN and WGN’s programming at this time. Didn’t realize they were new networks until 30/20/10 started. I was 7 years old, didn’t have cable, and was pretty game for anything that was on TV, included stuff like Homeboys in Outer Space. I didn’t care for any of the drama shows like 7th Heaven or Savannah on WGN; I watched more of both than I should have.

  14. I can’t believe I’m going to be the one guy to say this: The Stupids is legitimately great. Nobody believes me whenever I tell them, but they finish the movie laughing and quoting certain scenes for years to come.

    Yes, it sounds awful from the description. No, not every single joke or scene is great. It’s something you have to see to really get, especially since there are multiple callbacks during the movie that work fantastically.

    I will say that the movie peaks about halfway through, during a scene in which the family pieces together every random bit of information they came across during their morning into an insane made-up conspiracy, which leads to the Christopher Lee cameo – easily the funniest bit of the movie. “RELEASE THE DRIVE BEE!”

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