Vidjagame Apocalypse 178 – Pivotal Moments in SNES History

VGA 178

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System celebrated its 25th anniversary this week, so Heidi Kemps of joins the regulars this week to talk about key moments that created huge shockwaves not just for the SNES and Nintendo, but for the industry at large. Then it’s on to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, King of Fighters XIV, Metal Gear Survive, PlayStation Plus coming to PC, and the Wii games that you’d like to see get a second chance.

Question of the Week

What’s a Super Nintendo game that you’ve heard lots of people recommend, but have never played?



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17 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 178 – Pivotal Moments in SNES History

  1. After listening to Kat Bailey’s podcast I realized I never played Secret of Mana, despite having played SoM2. Everywhere I go I keep reading writers gush nostalgia over the action RPG. You swing a sword, fight Rabites, and you get to play with a friend or sibling. One of these days I’ll get through most of it, but I am rubbish at these games, only surviving the first dungeon in Link to the Past.

    Being about 10 years younger than the hosts, and not having siblings, I first played the SNES when I was like 10 years old at an aunt’s house. I wanted the thing, and after some begging, I had my mom take me to the Toysrus. I paid no mind that it was the mini-version, and my mom was satisfied that the system was $50 and came with Donkey Kong Country 2. However, my collection back then was terrible, and I only got a max of five games until I had to throw it away in a movie. These days, I have two great condition SNES (no yellowing!) and plenty of games, most Japanese.

  2. I have no idea what Act Razor is or even what kind of game it is, but ive heard it recommended dozens of times. I had an SNES but played 95% of my games on the Super Game Boy or from the local movie rental place (which didn’t have act razor).

    What is this game and why should I play it?!

    1. Actually, it’s ActRaiser, and it’s a cross between a side scrolling hack and slash and a god game. I never liked it that much. The sequel was all hack and slash, I think.

    2. It is a familiar title indeed. This was a game at the top of the sleepover short list. I had friends who were twins. We would swtich off playing this until the morning light. Thank you for helping me rediscover that. Lolz

  3. QOTW: I’ve never played Final Fantasy IV, despite hearing how it’s the bees’ knees. I finally got around to playing through Final Fantasy VI in one of its PS1 re-releases, and really enjoyed it. But that failed to translate into my seeking out the OTHER great Super Nintendo Final Fantasy game.

  4. QOTW: Super Castlevania IV. Despite playing games for nearly thirty years, I somehow overlooked the Castlevania series until Symphony of the Night. I’ve since played some of the earlier games in the series, but never felt the urge to play the SNES entry. I’m sure part of the reason is because the only time I ever saw it was when my parents took me to a miserable dinner with a family I had never met before, and one of their kids wouldn’t let anyone else play the game. Roughly two decades of emulators has nothing on pointless spite.

  5. I enjoyed hearing Chris yell out “Speak!” when Capybara came up.

    The Super Nintendo’s life was pretty much my high school career, so I had some money to buy the expensive RPGs like Final Fantasy 3 and Secret of Mana, and stores that rented most of the games, and I had no life otherwise, so I don’t feel like there’s much that I wanted to play that I never did.

  6. The FFIV PSP version is really good. The GBA version is good, but the sound is GBA-ified. The DS FFIV remake is on Steam.

    I loved my SNES. Sadly. I traded it in for a 3DO! I missed out on a lot of the later SNES games. FFVI comes to mind first.

  7. Personally, I stopped playing Pokémon GO because the nearest Pokestop to my house is ~5 miles away. Boo living in the country.

  8. I was going to make a post about US Gold but I decided to scream into a paper bag instead.

    Fuck Tiertex.

  9. Protect Harambe. Just wow. Laughter and tears. TY.

    A personal moment was definetly sim city. Never before had I fully engaged a weekend rental game in the way I did simcity. Thanks and rip to Klaus’s Little Shop of Hobbies. Cotati, CA.

  10. I never had a chance to play Earthbound, despite having “those” friends who always had the newest, uber-expensive and rare SNES titles that I could borrow. None of my local rental stores carried it either. By the time I might have been able to actually afford a copy of my own I had already moved on to the PSX, N64, and PC.
    People still rave about it and I’m sure it’s well warranted, so I still plan on playing it *someday* but as I don’t own a WiiU or a New 3DS, it looks like it might remain in my perpetual backlog for a while longer.

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