Kingdom Hearts: Oogie Boogie Showdown


Sora, Donald, Goofy and Jack Skellington face off against an enormous sack of bugs on a Hot Topic roulette wheel. Surely you know exactly what I’m talking about…

You’ve really got to give us credit. No seriously, give us credit! Unlike a lot of your favorite longplayers, Brett and I have decided to omit our repeated/failed attempts in Kingdom Hearts, as well as a shitload of Gummi Ship travel. This Nightmare Before Christmas boss battle is one such episode, even though it would appear to be one of our shortest. DO NOT BE FOOLED! And holla at ya boys: Because of our post-production efforts, you’re not forced to see how many times we have to scale a house-sized Oogie Boogie. Again, please leave all credit in the comments below.

Catch up on Kingdumb Farts here or in the playlist below!


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Oogie Boogie Showdown

  1. “It’s almost too easy. Maybe I even over fortified” -Antista moments before deaths, plural.
    Also just to remind you Chris when you swap out Goofy for Jack, Goofy still gets all the XP from your battles so there’s no penalty.
    Little Mermaid next?… Ok I’ll defend this game as a whole, but I will not defend the swimming even if it’s conceptually cool. This is probably why they made it a musical world in 2, because otherwise they’d have to make people try and fight underwater again.

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