Laser Time – Second Series Slumps


One successful sitcom is a minor miracle, but a few brave souls attempted to find more fame with a new show. We examine the infamous flops that followed up classics, the few double-successes, and new Fall shows trying to revive sitcom stars.


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22 thoughts on “Laser Time – Second Series Slumps

  1. A great episode of always guys! love it when you talk TV and Dave did a great job as always. I cracked up at that Married With Children Simpsons Skit, it’s always been one of my favorite jokes along with the Home Improvement one.
    Eh no Pegg.

  2. Oh and you guys are missing out on PSYCH, former USA show. It is full of 80s references prime for you plus a fun cop show. Chris for sure should watch it. Just put the shit on to stream one day and give it a shot.

  3. I should have just waited to comment to the end BUT on your guys discussion of Dan Kim from Lost

    He does the voice of Johnny Gat from Saints Row

    *mic drop*

  4. Always love the TV-centric episodes of LT.

    Glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking Seinfeld still holds up as a great show. I had seen reruns of it and liked them, but around age 12 or so I watched the entire series with my brother and though it was excellent. Costanza is one of the best comedic characters I’ve ever seen and the stuff they let him do is kind of insane. Not to say that Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine aren’t great either, but he is just a cut above.

  5. Great episode but for goodness sake guys keep at least one credit card so it’s easier for getting a home loan in the future lol

  6. I watched the Tick when it was on Fox, and recorded all the episodes that were aired (I think it was only five or six, but Wikipedia says that eight of nine were aired, maybe they dumped a few at once later on.) I then used the same VHS tape to record Andy Richter Controls the Universe, knowing that there was no way that such a different show would last any longer than the Tick did, and one tape would probably cover both runs. I was right, but luckily both shows came out on DVD.

    1. btw the second you start playing the Cosby clip, the music switches to– Shadow of the Colossus defeat music? Super funny choice

  7. Uh, Dave, I hardly think King of Queens started the fat guy, skinny hot wife trope. Ever heard of The Honeymooners?

  8. Alan Alda is great in Crimes and Misdemeanors. Generally, having a big hit show pretty much sets people up for life financially. They can either be pickier in what they choose to do. Or they can cash in and not care so much whether something they’re in is a hit or not.

  9. I like Tim Allen thanks to Toy Story one and two and Home Improvement but, the other movies he has had have been terrible.

  10. I would definitely not consider The Cosby Show the shattered image of lovable if patronising comedic father figure’s first successful series. I Spy, which has an awesome intro, ran for three seasons and spawned a few Culp/Cosby films where they teamed up again. Even just counting sitcoms, The Bill Cosby Show was a two season success. Maybe it’s more just being memorable, in which case the six season Cosby definitely slumps.

    On that note, props to this episode for reminding me that endlessly soccer hating Listen Up (coincidentally featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and New Adventures of Old Christine (featuring Agent Coulson) actually existed and ran for a pretty long while.

  11. Before Becker, Ted Danson starred alongside his wife Mary Steenburgen with the sitcom “Ink” in 1996 but ran for only one season.
    And for Bill Cosby, in between The Cosby Show and Cosby, he starred in “The Cosby Mysteries” in 1994, but that too lasted just one season.

  12. Surprised to hear some love for Kevin James because Chuck and Larry is far from the only “black mark” in his filmography. It’s actually pretty par for the course (see Grown Ups 1 & 2, Paul Blart 1 & 2, Pixels, Zookeeper, etc.). That shock aside I really enjoyed this episode, still killin it after all this time.

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