Metal Gear Solid 6: T Time Episode 6

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Should the Metal Gear franchise continue? Absolutely not. But if Konami is going to beat a dead horse, here’s how they should do it.


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5 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 6: T Time Episode 6

  1. No this is quite honestly the worst idea. The problems from MGS4 and on have been that the series feels the need to overly explain and thus ruin the story through various retcons. Every time any of the Big Boss games have gone back and felt the need expand on characters or story threads from MGS3 they have just shat upon that game.

    Everything by this point has been explained and there needs to be no more prequel stories. This video doesn’t even give a reason as to why this would be a worthwhile story. What would seeing what the Boss did add to the series? Her character has already served her role and even then thanks to further retcons in Peace Walker she’s be shit on anyway. Because remember it now wasn’t just a soldier who did the ultimate self sacrificial mission, it was a hired hit by a lame old man.

    I don’t want anymore prequels. The story is over and don’t expect people who aren’t Kojima to further mess with the story line, because hell at every corner even Kojima has shown he can’t do it.

    Rather if they’re must be a MGS6 I rather it be a sequel/reboot. A new MGS set in an undisclosed time after 4. Loosely connected and maybe staring a few characters who aren’t but may be past characters. Like an older Sunny who doesn’t look exactly like Sunny and isn’t named Sunny but as the story continues is revealed to be Sunny. A reboot with loose connections to the MGS mythology, that uses homages from the series past ideas.

    1. I agree with the fact every single prequel to the Metal Gear series besides the original MGS3 added nothing and in fact made the rest of the series (particularly the amazing plot and characters from MGS3) even worse.

      Anything they do should either be a sequel to Rising or in my mind basically be side-stories that have no real bearing on the overall plot but give the designers an excuse to take the characters and settings and give them a new coat of paint without having to worry about making it canon to the rest of the universe. Big Boss’s adventures in Vietnam in the 60’s would be a fun throwback if you absolutely have to take it back to the past. Just make it so that Big Boss is taking down a North Vietnamese or Soviet military general guy who has absolutely nothing to do with the Patriots or any other conspiracy, just plain Commie killing.

  2. MGS6 should just be a sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Great game, made not by Konami but by Platinum so even if you don’t like the story the gameplay is fantastic, and cutting stuff up is what new gen is all about. Shame on you all for forgetting about it.

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