Resident Evil 4 PS4 – Let’s Play This Again Again Again Again


Look, even after four years inside Capcom and working on two versions of this game myself, I still adore Resident Evil 4 and will play it every single time it pops up on a new platform. And lo it did appear today on PS4 and Xbox One, so I’mma gonna play this dickens out of it!

If you’re keeping track, this is the latest version since a slick 60+FPS version appeared on Steam in 2014. I was along for that ride as well as 2011’s “HD” remasters for Xbox 360 and PS3. Before that was the surprisingly good Wii Edition, an Ubi-led PC port, the PS2 port and finally, way back in 2005, the original GameCube version.

BUT – this game still rules. Come watch!

4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 4 PS4 – Let’s Play This Again Again Again Again

  1. All the HECK, and all the YEAH! It’ll be tough to go back to the brilliant non-Wii pointer controls, but it’s worth the price of getting the game at 1080p 60 FPS.

  2. I beat this game about eight times and spent probably twenty hours on Mercenary Mode. I don’t really feel like ever touching it again, but would love to see LaserTime touch it to completion!

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