Affleck V Superman, the Flintstones are kids and Sandler is Bulletproof – Sep 2-8


This week in 1986, 1996 and 2006 – the Flintstone Kids, Silverhawks and fake Ghostbusters debut on TV; 2pac is murdered in Vegas while Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler hit theaters; and a decade before he’s Batman, Ben Affleck is Superman as a stingray kills Steve Irwin.

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Other topics covered include:


WWF Superstars of Wrestling, a nationally syndicated wrestling show that would be WWF’s flagship weekly show to progress storylines and show title changes outside of PPV for the next 6 years until the debut of Monday Night Raw.

TV Movie “Popeye Doyle” airs, continuing the story of the character from the French Connection. Featuring a surprising actor in the main role!

B-52’s “Bouncing off Satellites”  releases, Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts” is on the charts

-We go out with “Take On Me” because it just CLEANED UP at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards.


Pet Shop Boys’ “Bilingual” releases, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s third album, plus the Macarena is still killin’ it. We come in with 2pac’s California Love, however…

-Because he is shot and killed this week following this interview:

Imus In The Morning’s radio show starts to be aired live simultaneously on MSNBC (perhaps inspired by the success of Howard Stern’s E! show that been airing for a few years at that point).

Quack Pack and UPN’s The Burning Zone premiere, as well as Superman: The Animated Series and Star Trek: Voyager’s third season

Emmys hosted by Michael J. Fox, Paul Reiser and Oprah. Frasier won best comedy, ER won best drama, John Lithgow won best comedic actor (3rd Rock), Helen Hunt won best comedic actress (Mad About You), Dennis Franz won best drama actor for NYPD Blue and Kathy Baker won best actress for Picket Fences

Blues Clues would debut on Nick. Jr (we recently talked about the final episode airing in 2006, so welcome to 302010’s first time loop:



-Fergie’s “London Bridge” is number one this week, though Justin Timberlake’s “FutureSex / LoveSounds” is blowin’ up

Steve Irwin, 44, dies in freak stingray accident

-Hollywoodland, The Covenant and Tom Tun Goong all release

NBC aired Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Diff’rent Strokes, about the downfall of the sitcom’s child stars which also features recent interview clips with Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges.

-Katie Couric joins CBS as the anchor of Evening News, where she would stay until May of 2011. While she improved ratings over the previous host, ABC World News and NBC Nightly News remained ahead of CBS’ show.

-LocoRoco hits the PSP while Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run finally releases – starring The Rock!








6 thoughts on “Affleck V Superman, the Flintstones are kids and Sandler is Bulletproof – Sep 2-8

  1. On Arthur the Aardvark: don’t feel bad about being unfamiliar with it. It’s not just a kids show, it’s a toddler show. Like, intended for six-year-olds at the absolute oldest. Lots of lessons about eating your vegetables, sharing, etc. The now-famous screenshot of Arthur’s first comes from an episode where his sister D.W. crashes and breaks his kite(?) before he knocks the shit out of her. That particular meme is pretty basic, just about expressing some kind of anger.

    The broader umbrella of Arthur memes, however, focuses on Arthur and friends engaging in general savagery, or standing in as hood tropes. For example, anoth of the most popular Arthur memes depicts Arthur putting on his pants while D.W. (again, his sister) cries at the foot of a bed. It is captioned “What? I though I was just another n***a on the hit list?” in reference to a recent Rihanna lyric. The overt sexualization of numerous characters is what PBS has objected to but, as we know, there’s no stopping the Internet.

    Thanks, I like getting super formal and granular about dumb shit.

  2. I thought they would go the whole time without ever telling us what Adam Sandler movie they were talking about. VGA does the same thing sometimes, playing clips that the hosts know but the listeners have no idea what they’re going on about if they don’t say the title after the clip.

  3. I was waiting in an airport, on my way to a deployment in Qatar, when I heard about Steve Irwin. Whenever someone mentions Irwin’s death, it brings back a ton of memories from that time.

  4. I know they didn’t play it but the song Two of Hearts by Stacey Q was a fun summer song – Stacey Q appeared on The Facts of Life in 1986. For two episodes, she played Cinnamon AND dated George Clooney’s character. Tootie was also trying to make it as a singer and she had jealousy issues. George became a roadie for Cinnamon and left the show.
    I am guessing life as the roadie didn’t work out and that is how he ended up in Lanford IL

    Great episode today even with out Elston!

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