Vidjagame Apocalypse 179 – Single-Player Series That Went Co-Op

VGA 179

After all the recent furor over Metal Gear Survive and Metroid Prime Federation Force, we for some reason decided it’d be a good idea to delve into five other games that turned traditionally single-player series into four-player co-op-fests, sometimes with amazing results. After that, we shift our focus to Attack on Titan, a new ToeJam & Earl, and the Super NES games you never got around to despite everyone saying they’re great.

Question of the Week

With Crash Bandicoot turning 20, what’s a Super Nintendo PlayStation game that you’ve heard lots of people recommend, but have never played?



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10 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 179 – Single-Player Series That Went Co-Op

  1. I don’t think the backlash against MGSurvive has muchbto do with it being a co-op shooter. Kojima is probably the ONLY triple A developer who can be considered an actual auteur. Every game he directs is filled with signatures that make it obvious it is his work, even down to really small details. I’m trying to think of someone else who has similar influence but really all I can think of are indie developers. MGSurvive is like making a Pulp Fiction 2 and its directed by some no name director with a script written by 30 different producers. Sure there have been other Metal Gear spin-offs in the past made without Kojima, but at least those had his blessing (And they were not very good, except Rising). But with Kojima’s rocky departure from Konami, making a new Metal Gear, with a trailer using footage directly from MGSV as well, just seems like an exercise in bad taste. Anyway this post is rambly because it’s 4 am and my thoughts havent been organized very well, but in short, I don’t like the way most outlets have been characterizing the backlash against MGSurvive, and I think Kojima is more important to the series than most are making him out to be.

    Love the show and everything Laser Time, I really mean it too, thanks for letting me pour out my indignation after getting mad about video games

  2. QotW: a PlayStation game I’ve never played but heard about? I’d say Parapa the Rappa. I watched a friend play it once but never tried it out. Maybe with PS Now coming to PC, I could maybe play it when they add ps2/ps1 classics. I’m sure there won’t be any input lag!

  3. QOTW: Because I live in Europe, 90’s was a difficult time for me to grow up due all the changes that took over my body… and also because many great games didn’t appear here at all.

    Rogue Trip however was released here but until this very day I have never played it. All the stories about that hot dog-van hitting the enemies with a giant wiener as a special move have been echoing in my ears for years now and as a big fan on Twisted Metal-series, the waiting has indeed been painful. Maybe one of these days I’ll find this glorious game on some sort of flea market or online auction but before that, I can only watch videos of that giant wiener destroying everything that appear in front of it.

  4. I yelled SO HARD at the podcast at the Phantasy Star part. Those are some of my favorite games.

    Also, dorky correction for the Wikiparez: Multiplayer AND the Fulton Recovery System both made their Metal Gear debut in MGS3 (well, MGS3 Subsistence for Multiplayer)

    ANYWAY, love the show. Keep up the good work!

  5. Qotw: Castlevania SOTN, I’ve heard loads about what an amazing game it is, but never got around to it. I do enjoy metroidvania games like shadow complex so I’m sure I’d like it, and I even played and enjoyed lords of shadow.
    Anyhoo, really enjoy the show and Chris’s long form articles.

  6. A bunch of RPGs. I didn’t like RPGs back in the 90’s – turn based battles made no sense to my finely tuned little kid reflexes, and having to talk to people to move forward was baffling. So I missed out on a ton of PSX classics. While I’ve gone on to play a lot of them, I’ve not beaten a single one. I love FFIX, Parasite Eve, Threads of Fate, Alundra 2, Granstream Saga, Wild Arms 2 and more, but haven’t beaten a one. But at least I’ve played them in the years since. I’ve never touched Xenogears at all though, and its really hard to give it a fair shake when my RPG backlog is already stupidly long and it takes me a ton of time to get through even smaller (supposedly) RPGs now (like Digimon cyber sleuth, which lasted me for months this year. Might by my fave PS4 game of this year so far)

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