Kingdom Hearts: Ariel’s Atlantica


We’re headed to Atlantica to meet up with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Oh, and to get a royal chewing out from King Triton. Dang, KH…

If you think we don’t love you, then someday we should post the footage we cut out of our complete Kingdom Hearts playthrough. I know this game has its fans who will defend it vehemently, as if them loving it almost twenty years ago redeems it for being filled with padding and archaic level design and meandering confusion in 2016, but PLEASE know we edited out almost half an hour of being lost, and that’s WITH A FAQ. For you commenters: I get it. You like the game. You’re so good at it too! We’re not as good. But in our defense, no one else ever will be, and The Little Mermaid level of Atlantica, something that should be joyous, colorful, and relatively easy, is proof positive as to why this game will not stand the test of time. But that’s why we’re playing it: SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. That should leave your memories preserved in crystal. Whateves: LOOK AT THIS/ISN’T IT NEAT

Catch up on Kingdumb Farts here or in the playlist below! (Almost done, people)

3 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Ariel’s Atlantica

  1. As I said in last weeks comments, this section was bad even by the standards for back when it came out. What this game lacks in modern game mechanics though, it makes up for with an absurd amount of variety, and although you can feel padding at some parts the padding is spread out enough that each time you play you still have some real high points.

    1. If Chris was allowed to give Nights on Wii an 8, then I’m allowed to say that Kingdom Hearts was a 9 or 10 then and is a 7 now.

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