Crash Bandicoot – 20th Anniversary Stream!


The PlayStation 1’s premiere platformer turns 20 on Friday, so we’re celebrating by streaming the original Crash Bandicoot! Join us on Twitch to watch us play the classic(?) mascot platformer at 3PM PST and watch the archive on YouTube forever after!

Looking for more Crash Bandicoot fun? A new 302010 on Thursday dives deeper into this classic game, but for now, check out our stream below!

2 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot – 20th Anniversary Stream!

  1. Not enjoying Chris’ constant and honestly unfounded bashing of the series. It’s well and good to not like it but for everyone talking about how badly it aged no one wants to acknowledge what a technological benchmark Crash actually was at the time and the precedent it set for the entire culture of Playstation development in the 90s.

    The programming and disc-read techniques going on under the hood actually led to Sony redesigning the Playstation to accommodate this game as their flagship mascot series. The Naughty Dog team hired real professional cartoon voice actors and Hollywood cartoon artists to help design the characters. They programmed a lot of the game in pure assembly meaning they were able to push an unbelievable performance and graphical fidelity at a high resolution (for 1996) using the “tunnel” level designs and dynamically loading the level sections as you approached them. For all the comparisons to Super Mario 64 even Miyamoto himself was impressed upon playing Crash 1 at E3.

    I’m by no means a Crash Bandicoot fanboy but to see the series and what it was doing and what it attempted and in some cases succeeded at written off as a throwaway 90s mascot kind of hurts as someone vested in game development history.

    I have to highly HIGHLY recommend this wonderful series of blog posts by Andy Gavin (co-founder of Naughty Dog) elucidating the conceptualization and realization of Crash. It’s also generally a rare candid firsthand account of the culture of game development in the 90s at the forefront of the 3D home gaming revolution and what developer were doing to try to tackle that, which is something I hear you guys talk about a lot.

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