Monday Night Movies – September 2016


September is now Brettober! I’m accidentally taking over the MNM schedule due to entirely coincidental events, so please bear with us and at least try to watch two cherished films of my past.

Tune in to our YouTube channel and watch along with us LIVE at 6pm Pacific (that’s 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern and let’s say uhhhh 2am for our UK listeners), where we’ll down a few beers, talk about these movies and maybe fall into or break a water closet along the way?


ERNEST GOES TO JAIL (SEP 12) Rent digital on YouTube, Google | Buy Blu-ray | Buy on iTunes

We recently celebrated our “250th” episode by finally unleashing an all-Ernest show we’ve teased for nearly a decade. The Ernest LT focused more on commercials and the rising fame of Jim Varney than the movies that most folks are familiar with, so we’ll cover our bases by watching the “best” Ernest movie with you dear, patient listeners.

It’s practically a live-action cartoon, one where Ernest develops powers that fall somewhere between Magneto and Electro, and ends up prison due to a mix-up with a villain who looks exactly like him. It is arguably the most ridiculous movie of the bunch, but at least in a fun, watchable way.


GODZILLA 1984 (SEP 26) Buy FIRST EVER Blu-ray on Amazon

Why this, why now? Because Godzilla 1984 (aka The Return of Godzilla, aka Godzilla 1985) has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray in the US, and to my knowledge is kinda the only Godzilla movie to spend decades in legal-rights-limbo. Well, the Japanese version is finally coming out on September 13, so again, please indulge my ass and watch the only movie that makes me cry without fail.

Godzilla 1984 ditches all the kid-friendly goofiness of the ’60s and ’70s, acting instead as a sequel to the 1954 original. In this film, Godzilla has only been seen once before, 30 years ago, and they’re kinda scared out of their minds when he comes back. So as a kid, this seemed waaaaay cooler than the other VHSes floating around (such as Megalon or Sea Monster). It’s responsible for much of my Godzilla fandom, even if the suit occasionally has one eye pointing the wrong way. tl;dr – Godzilla is a bad guy in this.

There ya have it!

13 thoughts on “Monday Night Movies – September 2016

    1. I’m guessing you picked the first because you’re worried watching any of the sequels might actually put his life in danger, especially the Mark Wahlberg one. Never in my life did a movie make me want to rant angrily like I did after watching that piece of utter nonsense. I set my expectations low and it still failed me.

    2. I did see that one opening weekend, but it was so bad that when Revenge of the Fallen came around I was like, nope. Tapping out. At this point I’d rather watch whatever people consider the “worst” so I can get truly upset!

        1. If you want to laugh at a bad movie then 2, but if you want to really just be upset then definitely 4. 4 would only be bearable in a group setting where you can all collectively shit on it. The first scene in the desert is probably the best the movies ever got and then all downhill after that.

          1. *The first scene in the first move in the desert is probably the best the movies ever got

          2. yeah when that helicopter transformed it blinded me to every sucky thing in the following two and a half hours.

      1. Then I recommend watch 4, oh man your reaction to the dinobots will be priceless, I know mine was, it was the film that finally broke me for the only reason I watched it was the promise Dinobots, the new cast and promise of a new direction, Im not watching anymore after that except for free.

        1. That’s the exact same part that killed it for me. I kept thinking “at least once the dinobots show up this’ll be worth it,” but how wrong I was.

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