Talking Simpsons – Kamp Krusty


Welcome to season 4! And it’s just in time for the summer to be over! Bart and Lisa head to the nightmarish Kamp Krusty — but will they make it home alive? Find out in this week’s podcast…


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Kamp Krusty

  1. This is one of the episodes I remember most fondly. I even had it on my old iPod classic and watched it on that tiny-ass screen along with a few other episodes that I think are also from season four.

  2. These episodes seem really short these days, the episode’s almost over before they even get to the camp (kamp.) I used to go to church camp for a week every summer, it’s hard to imagine going away for many weeks, or the whole summer, the way Kamp Krusty seems to be.

  3. You guys didn’t even comment on Kent Brockman’s sadly non-dated line about Afghanistan and Iraq. Really weird watching that now and realizing when it was written.

  4. Another stellar episode, guys! There is, in fact a way to find out the line you were wondering about, the one that was overdubbed with, “Next summer, I’m getting a job”. The original table read scripts are always popping up on Ebay, and always contain scenes cut for time, jokes that would be replaced with alternates, and occasionally completely different storylines/endings. Many of them are as cheap as $8, though unfortunately, the last time I saw the script being auctioned, it was signed by the cast, and exorbitantly priced at around $450. On the plus side, some saintly fans sometimes scan their rare pieces of memorabilia and compile them into easy to share PDFs. Sadly, I haven’t come across the camp episode, but I’ve been keeping a running archive of those I have found. Is there a good place to email them to for your future episodes? I’d be happier still if you’d share them with the Talking Simpsons community as supplementary material for their corresponding Talking Simpsons episodes. Frankly, the Simpsons merchandising arm is missing a huge cash cow by not releasing these in book form – it worked for Seinfeld!

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