Captain EO and the Real Ghostbusters, plus Crash, Romano and the Black Dahlia – Sep 9-15


Michael Jackson, George Lucas and more collaborate to bring you Captain EO, plus this week in 1986 saw the debut of The Real Ghostbusters. In 1996, Crash Bandicoot began his historic PS1 career and Ray Romano smiled at the camera for the first time. 2006 brought us LEGO Chewbacca and a real bad Black Dahlia film!


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12 thoughts on “Captain EO and the Real Ghostbusters, plus Crash, Romano and the Black Dahlia – Sep 9-15

  1. Chris opens the show saying Peewee says the “magic word,” then says that Jerry Stiller plays Jerry Seinfeld’s dad shortly after that.

    I watched Peewee, LA Law, and Our House, a strange combo for a nine year old at the time. I don’t know how I had so much time to watch all the TV, play all the video games, and still go outside and play soccer and stuff that I did when I as young.

  2. I hated Bleach and yet I read all of it.

    The Fantastic Four 2006 show is the only version of them Ive liked, the opening is great I wish you played it.

  3. I think something might be wrong with my audio player,, I could’ve sworn I just heard Dave say “you can always depend on Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens to be entertaining”. ;D

  4. I loved the Real Ghostbusters as a kid and I think some episodes (like Mrs. Rogers Neighbourhood) are still legitimately creepy. I love that they even did some Lovecraft mythology later on.

    (That was JMS, later to be famous for creating Babylon 5),

    But I fucking hated Dave Coulier. I hate the way he did the voice, and I loved Lorenzo Music’s voice. It was dry and sarcastic, and I hated the fact they went back and dubbed Lorenzo Music episodes with Dave Coulier. It fucking sucked.

  5. So I had a Zune (and now I have a Zune HD! Still.) and I have a funny story. I never knew anyone else with a Zune, so I never tried the sharing feature. But one time I was on an airplane, and the guy sitting next to me whips out a Zune. So I take mine out and we clearly both had the exact same idea: let’s see how this sharing thing works! Ten minutes later, we gave up without actually sharing anything. Which is really for the best, because I have awful taste in music, and now I have this dumb story!

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