Shin Godzilla US trailer debuts alongside new theater showings, times


I’ve tried to stay totally ignorant of Shin Gojira / Godzilla Resurgence / Now Suddenly Shin Godzilla, as I want this grand rebirth to be as fresh and exciting as possible. To that end, I’ve only watched the prior teaser trailer, the Japanese launch trailer and now this ‘Murican version, which is out today to promote the film’s limited theatrical run.

Gottttta be honest here, I don’t know how this montage of rustled humans is going to get anyone other than diehard ‘Zilla fans to buy a ticket, but hey, maybe you can speak to that?

I kinda like the trailer’s concept though, of keeping Godzilla hidden and we mostly see the damage and reactions, but with 2014’s “where the flying shit is Godzilla, who are all these boring losers” still fresh in my mind, I wouldn’t have minded something with a few more action shots.

Feel free to watch this one though, if you want all that!

Either way man, I am all in for this shit. A creepy weirdo monster horror makeover is just what Godzilla needs in the 21st century (let alone post-2010s), so let Evangelion-san Hideaki Anno go wild with a re-imagining that paints ‘Zilla as a terrible beast and not sorta-ally-if-there’s-a-bigger-monster-around.

It’s also a welcome departure from the made for music videos / anime goofiness that the 2000s series became towards the end.

It’s a “return to form” that’s not too far off from the soon-to-be-Blu-ray’d Godzilla 1984, which you can buy now and watch with us on September 19! This was the movie that made me think Godzilla was “cool” and not just “fun to watch” like he was in Megalon. Again, speaking is a six year old… today Megalon is great fun but it’s prettttty stupid. That said Megalon’s design rules, shout out to literally every Toho monster. I DIGRESS.


You can visit this site to see if there’s a theater near you participating in the October 11-18 cinema run. BUT BE WARNED it will BLAST Godzilla roars the nanosecond the page opens so mute literally every speaker in your county.

6 thoughts on “Shin Godzilla US trailer debuts alongside new theater showings, times

  1. Ill go see it, but I dont like the feeling they only made it bc we made a well received Godzilla film, and they just made this in response to say, OH YEAH! NUH-UH.
    I do wish however there was more Godzilla in the 2014 film as the human plot is pretty boring and dry.
    I also wish I bought the 24″ Neca figure of our Godzilla, which I do think is the best looking Godzilla say for the original.
    Speaking of the original, I cannot find it online, even on Itunes, is it like, gone?

  2. I’m so excited! I bought tickets the second I saw this post about the showtimes. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve seen the 2014 Godzilla in theaters but I’ve yet to see a Toho Godzilla on the big screen. It’s going to be awesome!

  3. You are right to avoid spoilers. I saw this opening day in Tokyo and I was just shocked (in a good way) by some of the Gojira sequences.

    However, as in most Godzilla movies, there is A LOT of human time. Get ready to visit roughly 30 distinct meeting rooms–every meeting room in Japan seemingly!

  4. One thing that I have learned from the Street Fighter series is the word “shin” as in Shin Akuma. Not the “regular” Akuma who is holding back when he fights but rather “True” Akuma who fights unconstrained and unyielding.

    So this would be True Godzilla. I was a Godzilla fan when I was but a young child, I have never gave much thought to it since, but this does have me intrigued.

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