Vidjagame Apocalypse 180 – Reversals of Public Perception


In honor of this week’s episode number, our erstwhile co-host Henry Gilbert (now of Fandom) rejoins the show to talk about games that did a 180 in the minds of the gaming public – that is, games that went from being widely considered classics to being widely considered classic turds, or vice versa. Then there’s extensive news from PAX West, a look at Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice and Mother Russia Bleeds, and a rundown of the PlayStation games you’ve always been curious about, but never touched.

Question of the Week

What’s a game you went from hating to loving, or vice versa?



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32 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 180 – Reversals of Public Perception

  1. Chris, the optimal way to play Street Pass games is to set up a spillpass using a raspberry pi. It only cost like $30 in parts and takes about 10 minutes to download, unzip, and mount the files on an SD card and then just plug it in and you’ll get more street passes than you’ll need.

  2. Yakuza on the PS2. I thought it was a little diversion and didn’t care for fighting mechanics, which usually had me getting my ass kicked. I really disliked the Master Komaki training as it was quite hard to get through. I managed to beat the game and enjoyed the ending. My love for the series got a huge boost when I played the sequel, which added a LOT more content, with better combat, more diversions, and hilarious missions.

  3. I’m not so sure about Spillpass and it sounds like a hassle. I got a cheap router for homepass, installed dd-wrt and it works fine. However, I never had a guy from Delaware.

  4. QOTW: I gotta say, I bought Witcher 3 about a year ago, off the recommendation of Anne Lewis, and hated it. I spent about 15 hours dying, resetting, and trying to beat unfair opponents at Gwent. I recently picked it back up, and after realising I just needed to fix the difficulty level, am having a blast, even though I still suck butt at Gwent.

  5. I know nobody goes to an hour into a videogame podcast for legal advice, but basically everything you guys said was not correct. While trademarks need to be defended or they become generic or abandoned (hoover, vaseline), copyrights don’t. A lax attitude towards copyright might be relevant for calculating damages, but has zero effect on the copyright holder’s rights.

    The Donkey Kong lawsuit was based on Universal never having exclusive rights to King Kong. In fact, they were in a lawsuit in the 70’s about the status of the remake. The author’s family later sold the rights they had to the character to Universal, but the court found that Universal never had any visual rights, since Universal had no claim to the RKO film or the Dino De Laurentiis remake in the 70’s. The court also found that at worst, Donkey Kong was a parody, not an infringement, and that there wasn’t going to be confusion between the characters. It had nothing to do with Universal abandoning its right to enforce its copyright and trademark claims.

    So there’s really no reason Nintendo *has* to take everything down, it’s just how they’ve chosen to control their rights.

  6. QotW: MediEvil was a game I loved on the original Playstation. I still maintain that it was a good game for the time, even though I’ve flip-flopped on it now. A few years ago I dug up my old Playstation and started playing through all my old favorites. Everything else held up pretty well, but I couldn’t play more than 20 minutes of MediEvil. The controls felt clumsy by modern standards and the graphics were so bad I couldn’t justify playing long enough to acclimate to them. I know graphics aren’t everything, but it was almost unplayable, and my girlfriend got a migraine from watching for the first five minutes. I still think it was a good game for that era. It had a lot of level variety, some interesting boss fights and game mechanics, and I remember it being a lot of fun at the time. But I can’t recommend it after trying to revisit it, and I couldn’t imagine trying to go back to it again at this point.

    Also, my girlfriend is actually from Delaware, but she tells people she’s from Philly, so that might be why you’ve never met anyone from Delware: they’re too ashamed to admit it. She usually says it’s because she wasn’t born there, but eventually admitted that it’s because she doesn’t want anyone to think she’s from Dover, the capital, in the southern part of the state. Or, as she calls it, “Lower Slower Delaware”.

  7. Honestly (checks to see if Mike Grimm is around) Street Fighter. In my personal opinion SF jumped the shark starting with SF IV. IV and V both just don’t have a good feel to executing moves, there are too many fucking mechanics, and the character designs are hideous.

    I love SF II, Alpha, 3 and the versus series, but I think that’s where my love will stay. I put about 2 hours into V and it’s been shelved since. Long live KOF!

  8. QOTW:
    I HATED Assassin’s Creed when I first played it. The way the games played just didn’t click with me at first, for some reason. It probably didn’t help that my first exposure to the series came from the launch-era Wii U port of Assassin’s Creed 3, which was littered with technical problems.

    Fortunately, I decided to give the series another shot (on PS4 this time), with Black Flag, and managed to get into it! The pirate stuff kept me engaged long enough to understand the rhythm of the gameplay, and I ended up finishing it with 100% completion. Since then, I’ve been going back through all of the games in the series on PC, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Even AC3, which I’m currently playing, is really enjoyable once you get past the somewhat weak starting missions. Glad I decided to give the series another chance!

  9. I was really surprised to hear that HENRY was one of those people who reacted negatively to the Wind Waker design reveal…………. I personally was never on the “realistic/bad-ass Link!!!” train; in my mind the ideal Link design = the original NES concept art… he should be a cute little elf,, not a goddamn bishounen

  10. “It’s a bonus world — it’s magical, it’s magical” I remember your song Wikiparaz!! you sang it on an old episode,, it was your childhood DKC song. no one on the show seemed to remember ;[

  11. The criticism of Bioshock Infinite was about the time I started checking out of the gamer scene in a big way. It’s ok not to like something on its own merits but that was the first time I noticed gamers trying to be smarter and more critical than the games they weren’t trying to enjoy. Or something like that. It’s fine you don’t like it, but I still do, stop trying to force me to change my mind. I just replayed the game a couple weeks ago and I still had a good time.

    1. WTF are you talking about people loved that fucking game, reviewers loved jerking it off, I was one of few who hated the game bc it was way over hyped by both the game makers and press and even over applauded by reviewers after release, its a beautiful artful game, I just didnt enjoy it, it was lacking in combat, the world was restrictive and small, the story didnt make since really and the ending was just full of itself, but whenever I voiced my dislike in comment sections OR EVEN IN THE FUCKING FORUMS OF THIS SITE LASERTIME!!! I was called an idiot who didnt understand the game, philosophy or science and just wrong.
      So dont you dare be defensive when this game had its praise which was the majority.
      I CHECKED OUT OF console games because of this and the hate of the DMC remake released around the same time which I loved but players trashed bc of shallow reasons of its not their Dante, but it is! its his Origin!

  12. QOTW: Muramasa: The Demon Blade. I instantly fell in love with the look of Muramasa and snatched it up immediately for Wii. I fired it up and wailed away for several days before the sinking feeling that there wasn’t much to this game. Repetitive levels, meandering story and what felt like boring combat started to grind me into the ground. I eventually abandoned it and went about other things. A month later I was layed off and settled in for some “funemployment”. Since I couldn’t afford anything new I turned on Muramasa . Maybe it was fresh eyes or desperation but suddenly I couldn’t put it down. It sounds cliche but I was truly transported to that world and ended up collecting every weapon and completing every mission. By the time I was done I was in love with it. I’m still not sure if it is actually a good game or not but when it’s all said and done it didn’t really matter since it helped me through a rough time.

    I still fire up “The road to Heaven” if I need to be transported to that magical time

  13. QotW:. Faxanadu for nes. It was just a crummy platformer with some weird RPG elements I couldn’t understand. The idea of equipping weapons and armor were impossible for my 8 year old brain to process. I played this game alot too. My local mom and pop grocery store (that also rented movies) had this , Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure, X-Men, that game with the surfboarding gorilla and Friday the 13th. Terrible!

    Fast forward to now faxanadu has become one of my favorite nes games. long before metroidvanias were a thing, faxanadu had interconnected level design, item equipping and backtracking to unlock new paths. The game has my favorite nes soundtrack too. I don’t remeber if VGA has covered this game but I’d recommend it’s soundtrack to anyone into chip tunes. So yeah …. go buy faxanadu today!

  14. I was losing my fucking mind when Infinite came out, I was like this is it, this isnt like the amazing demo, and such high praise I didnt understand and being called an idiot for not singing its praises.
    I remember you guys loving it as well, especially Tyler. -_-

  15. Re: Henry’s Infinite Warfare talk. He’s definitely right when he says a lot of people are angry that Modern Warfare: Remastered is being locked behind buying Infinite Warfare bundled with it, I’m confident in saying that the majority of Call of Duty fans are angry that this is the third straight year we’ve had a futuristic setting with advanced movement systems (double jumps, wall runs, etc).

    There has been a very vocal part of the community that is dying for the series ,or more aptly, the multiplayer, to return to “boots on the ground” gameplay and to abandon the more recent changes in movement. Many think it doesn’t belong in the Call of Duty series or that it lowers the skillgap when playing and adds too much of a randomness factor to multiplayer engagements. Me, I don’t belong to that group, but I thought I’d put it out there because as someone who pays a lot of attention to the Call of Duty community, it’s something I’ve been hearing loads of people whine about since Advanced Warfare came out.

  16. QOTW: In 2004 my brother and I picked up Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for the PS2 because we are fans of the persona series. We fucking hated it. This game was way too hard, no designated safe zones from monsters and talking to demons was incredible obtuse. Fast forward 2009 and I picked it up to beef up my collection and for some reason the damn thing finally clicked. I love the bejesus out of the game, total 180.

  17. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. The first time I played it was on the 360, and the glitchy game play and ridiculous load times made me despise the game. But when I got a PS4, a buddy of mine told me to give it another shot. Now it’s still one of my favorite games on the system.

  18. QOTW: Battlefield Bad Company. When I heard the game was coming out and it was a more story focused I was not into it. For me Battlefield was all about shooting 63 other people in huge maps. But I still bought Bad Company for the multiplayer. After playing a lot of multiplayer I tried to single player and I loved it. The story is fantastic, I mean you steal a dictator’s gold plated helicopter after fighting mercenaries on said dictator’s golf course. The Bad Company series had such great stories it soured me on Battlefield 3’s bland mess of a campaign.

  19. Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 are amazing you guys are dead wrong on that one, agree on pretty much everything else tho

    I liked the list cuz I didn’t kno which way you guys would go half the time, fun to guess/suspense

  20. Alien: Isolation

    I’ll be short and to the point- I hate games like Outlast and Amnesia. I don’t find games like the genre scary, compared to Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. Jump scares don’t work on me.

    So with Alien: Isolation, I went in expecting it to be another hide-and-seek simulator. What I got was an amazing and intense cat-and-mouse game, where hiding in lockers and under desks NEVER worked (the alien will just pull you out of them- keep moving!), a dark story and amazing gameplay. It’s one of very few PS4 games I’ve went and replayed on Xbox One AND PC and I don’t regret it.

  21. QOTW: the Entire Kingdom Hearts series
    I’m a super huge fan of Disney so seeing commercials for the game on Disney channel got me excited at first and then only to find out it was only on the PS2 when I only had a Game Cube soured me on the game since I chose the system that it would never come to. And I just kind of forgot about the series until the first DS game had come out and I for some reason decided I would just ignore this whole series for starting out on the PS2 (I was a dumb kid) Later on in High School this Kid I was best friends with was huge fan of the series and switched schools after freshman year which just made me hate the series since it reminded me of him. Going forward a couple years I had bought a cheap PS3 and the first KH1 Remake and played the first game and fell in love with it. I anticipated the 2.5 remake coming out and those two games on it made me feel like an idiot for blindly hating this wonderful series for so long. I then went on to play the 3DS game and that instantly became my favorite in the series and I can’t wait for the HD PS4 port in December.

  22. I’m going to go with the entire Mario Party series. In high school I rented every N64 iteration (some more than once) and played played them to death over a 5 day rental period. Even without friends around I would spend hours unlocking free-play on all the mini-games. I’ve never touched a Mario Party past the N64, but I find them difficult to even watch now. Even the mini-games that seemed like the cream of the crop back then are stupidly simple and unsatisfying to win. I’m looking at you Bumper Balls.

    As an aside, I just want to say that I still love the Donkey Kong Country games. If you take away the visual bait and switch, they’re still solid platformers (and arguably hold up better than the 2D Sonic games). As an aside-aside, I was one of the poor saps to get Donkey Kong Land. It was both a bad game and completely unplayable on the original brick GameBoy that I had at the time. Any time you moved on the screen, all of the sprites blurred just enough to make enemies unrecognizable until you stopped again.

    1. Dude I agree with you on DKC. That series is absolutely fine. I loved it growing up and still do. I replayed DKC a couple years ago and had a blast doing it. Was it tough in spots? Sure but shit happens. I still have DKC2 and 3 on my replay list, waiting on an eshop sale.

      What’s your favorite in the series? DKC1 is the only one I’ve completely beaten so I’d lean toward picking that but I really liked DKC2 (plus it was my first SNES game). I was only able to ever rent DKC3.

  23. First off, I still love the original DKC. May have been cheap but I played the fuck out of it and loved it as a kid. I am actually psyched to eventually replay DKC2 and DKC3. Currently playing tropical freeze and stuck on a boss fight.

    QOTW: short version – GTA. Hate the gameplay (thinking driving specifically), customization, and especially gunplay. Realized it was subpar after spending more and more time with the Saints Row series which was superior in every way.

    Long version: Weird but Grand Theft Auto. Series was incredible at the beginning and I loved playing it when it first hit the xbox. I bought GTA 4 day it released and GTA 5 the same. However I no longer really enjoy the games and find them horribly overrated. The gunplay is down right shit and I hate how the gameplay is in general. And the customization is a huge pet peeve with me (4 was god awful at this) and 5 was somewhat of an improvement. I realized all of this when I played Saints Row for the first time and saw that THIS was the game I wanted. That trend continued when I played every iteration of the series after and feel it was superior in every way to GTA.

  24. QOTW:
    Destiny. I was hyped. Played the Alpha, played the Beta, pre-ordered the deluxe package. All in hyped. But then over time the grind set in. Then I got into a clan, which helped a lot at first; but I often ended feeling like the tag along to these much more experienced individuals. And the grind set in again, and the RNG got really tiresome. Soon I realised there was just to much good games out there to waste my time on this samey-grindy-lottery fest. Still there are moments late at night, I come back and play a bit. Gameplay is still fun, and I am so, so weak.

    On the other end of the spectrum is Wave Race: Blue Storm. An impossible to control mess at first glance but at the urging of a friend I stuck with it and glory be, it is fantastic.

    (Also I don’t get all the DKC hate. At the time it was solid platforming, and fun and even know. How DKC 2 managed to work the pirate theme through everything alone is to be applauded. Even the bastard DKC 3 has it’s moments.

    I think early on people were excited by it all; the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. In retrospect it seems to offend a few of the bluenoses with it’s cocky stride and musky odors – oh, now it’ll never be the darling of the so-called “Classic Retro Connoisseurs” who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about “What’s to be done with this Donkey Kong Country Series?”

    Y’all be haters, don’t hate my game.

  25. I had the exact same reaction looking at the biker mice from mars phone game. They cut and pasted straight from the show . I would like a new BMFM game but they nailed the first one.

    The Snes game is genuinely great so please check it out on a stream. That soundtrack is half the game. A rare good licensed game I played as a kid. Vinnie is op with his spin around corners with the bumpers and fast jumps.

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