Royal Presidential Rumble – The Fight for America


Find out who is the POTUS with the mostest as several of the most powerful men in the free world terrorize the squared circle in what will inevitably become the least popular edition of Fantasy Fights ever!

Assuming you have some time in between the Backlash PPV, and some of Laser Time’s other insensitive tributes to September 11th (including a free, ALL-9/11 episode of Bonus Time!), please check out this Presidential Edition of our almost-popular Fantasy Fight series. It’s worth it for Dubya’s outfit alone, I swear. Oh, and we apologize in advance for your overly sensitive attitudes regarding your politics!

Check out more Fantasy Fights on Laser Time’s YouTube channel, or peep some below! Perhaps Disney or TMNT characters are more your bag?!

4 thoughts on “Royal Presidential Rumble – The Fight for America

  1. I for one am appalled that Abraham “The Railsplitter” Lincoln wasn’t invited. WCW once claimed him as a former world champion so you know he’s legit.

  2. Fastly becoming one of my favorite Lasertime things is Chris’s “Hello Doctorrrrrr” at the beginning of these videos.

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