Talking Simpsons – A Streetcar Named Marge


Marge gets cast in a musical production and Homer can’t really deal with it. Meanwhile, Maggie battles against objectivism in this week’s podcast …


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – A Streetcar Named Marge

  1. It’s from this point that the Simpsons really started doing homages and references to movies that led me to watch a lot of classics, just because I’d seen them on the SImpsons. That seemed like a real defining issue in the good Simpsons, that got lost after a few seasons.

  2. What a fabulous episode! On that subject, one gaping hole in the Laser Time oeuvre is an episode on campy old musicals. Henry’s performance on this episode highlights how badly this needs to happen (with Diana).

    The Lucy episode is also a fantastic idea. Not only was she one of the most influential women in the history of Hollywood, but she was in Mame with Bea Arthur!

  3. That was great. This episode always bothered me because of the way they say New Orleans. Even though I’ve looked it up multiple times, my ear and brain still hears “New Ort-a-gans”

    It really confused me as a kid.
    Always a treat to have hEnErEyE back. His knowledge of musicals was pretty invaluable for this episode.

  4. During my senior year of high school, my English class read A Streetcar Named Desire, and naturally my first thought was of this Simpsons episode. I had a really good rapport with my teacher and brought this up during that period of the class. After looking up clips on youtube (and only finding them in Spanish, like Flanders going “ESTELLA!!!”), she asked if I had the DVD and luckily I did. After we finished the play, we capped off the topic with some of the movie, and finally this episode. Getting to watch it in class with the Maggie side plot and all was great. Needless to say, I enjoyed that class.

  5. Ironically enough a year after this episode aired Rugrats did indeed do a Great Escape themed episode called “Cool Hand Angelica” where Angelica is at a summer camp that she thinks is a prison and rebels against it, complete with Angelica in “the cooler” throwing a tennis ball at the wall.

    Also considering all this parents talk surprised there wasn’t a patented Bob Mackey Stepdad Update™

    And modern media is still doing streetcar references, one of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 levels is called “A Streetcar Named Fire” when San Fransisco comes under attack by drones.

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