Mad Panic Coaster: The World’s Best Game About a Demonic Roller Coaster


Perhaps the most metal game to ever spin on a PS1 disc, we present Mad Panic Coaster, the most demonic game ever about riding a roller coaster…

Our buddy Greg from Laser Time’s recent localization episode has been stopping by the Tyler Wilde Memorial Studio from time to time to bring us a look at weirdo Japanese games that never made it stateside. Of all the games we’ve seen so far, Mad Panic Coaster is the only one I’ve ever heard of, and I was aware of and have always wanted to play it. Look at this shit!


Too bad it’s nearly impossible to wrap your brain around. Do not let the cutesy sprites fool you: This game is a raging ride through a mad man’s theme park, set to some of the most punk ass/metal music I’ve ever encountered in a video game, and since your only choice is to move at blindingly breakneck speed I can only imagine mastering Mad Panic Coaster is possible after hours of memorization and the ability to see through time.

We couldn’t make it past the second stage, but I assure you the game is an oddball sight to behold. And yes, the music is some of the most ripass, shreddiest metal mayhem I’ve ever heard in a video game. Mad Panic Coaster, you’ve won my heart!


Laser Time is currently broadcasting obscure Japanese curiosities every Thursday at 3PM Pacific (6PM Easter) over on our YouTube channel. Show Greg on Twitter!

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