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Nearly 20 years have passed since the end of Tekken 2, and a whole new generation of fighters is ready to brawl. But! An aged Heihachi, Paul Phoenix and more are still hanging in there!

This wraps up our look at the PS1 era of Tekken endings. When T3 hit PS1 in 1998 it was a prettttty big deal, and these endings are part of the reason – the rise in model and animation quality is immediately apparent and helped make Tekken 3 a console smash hit.

Today the whole “time jump” thing is pretty common – Naruto transforming into Naruto Shippuden might be one of the more famous, recent instances. But for video games, especially in the 90s, the concept was pretty fresh¬†and outside of Street Fighter Alpha making characters¬†younger, I can’t think of other examples. Point is, when Namco revealed an aged Heihachi and Paul it was like, whoa, they’re real people and they’re getting old, as opposed to SF/MK where they kinda changed outfits but didn’t look all that different.


MK3 and Street Fighter II did show some signs of aging, but the MK leap was nowhere as vast and the bubbly sprites of SFIII still looked like amazing cartoons, not “people.” Not saying Tekken 3 is hyper realistic, but there was something special about this time jump I swear!

What should LT ending theater tackle next? Let us know below! Also below; check out our Ending Theater for Tekken and Tekken 2!

7 thoughts on “Tekken 3 Endings – LT Ending Theater

  1. Yes!! This is quickly becoming one of my favourite things on Laser Time. Can’t wait to watch this one later tonight.

  2. I think that PS1’s/N64’s/Saturn’s fighting game line-up is so huge that you guys will have shit tons of material to provide for the rest of Laser Time’s history. Things that I would love to see however are…

    – Mortal Kombat-games from late 90’s to early 2000’s
    – First three Virtua Fighters
    – More Twisted Metal-style goodness in a form of Rogue Trip, Interstate 76 and V8 Vigilante (sequel as well)
    – Bloody Roar-series

    Hopefully you will continues this stuff soon ’cause it is my fave video content from this lovely site of yours.

  3. Man, this was great!

    And I know they are not ps1 games anymore, but it would be awesome if you tackled 4,5 and 6. It’s just great to see how progressively silly they get, specially with Lee’s and Kuma’s endings.

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