Laser Time – Live-Action Movies Turned Cartoons Of The 90s, 2000s, & Today


Our journey through the history of live-action movies-turned toons continues with the adaptations of the 90s, 2000s, all the way up to today!


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32 thoughts on “Laser Time – Live-Action Movies Turned Cartoons Of The 90s, 2000s, & Today

  1. Waahaa, Henry found Problem Child too mean-spirited and wanted “nicer entertainment” *at the time* ???
    Man, he wasn’t joking when he said he was essentially Martin from The Simpsons as a kid…

  2. PS: I ALSO saw Space Balls before Star Wars.
    And, just like Bob described, Star Wars felt weirdly limp in comparison. Where are all the fun characters like Pizza The Hit etc???

  3. The only two that I can think of that you guys left out was 98’s Godzilla the animated series. which had decent animation quality from what I remember even though i just hate that fake godzilla design at least it was better than the movie. and the second one that i remember enjoying was the MIB cartoon. MIB’s premise really fitted well for your typical monster i mean ILLEGAL ALIEN OF THE WEEK episode!

    1. The briefly touched upon the 98 Godzilla last time but appeared to dismiss it and I wonder if they saw much of it to since I remember liking it since it introduced more monsters every episode.

  4. I remember Adam Carolla talking on his podcast a few years ago about developing an animated series for Fox based on his Mr. Bircham shop-teacher character that he used to do on KLSX radio in Los Angeles that wound up getting rejected in favour of the Napoleon Dynamite/Allan Gregory shows. He had put the 10-minute pilot presentation up on YouTube for a while, and honestly, it looked like it could have been a half-decent show.

  5. You guys should give the Roughnecks Chronicles a go, it has solid writing, great universe-building and characterization between members of the Alpha Squad. It really does a good job in combining the Ultra-super-soldier mechs from the book with the meat-grinder infantry from the movie into something akin to Band of Brothers in space (albeit for kids).

    1. Completely agree. I’m 37 so it not just cause I was a kid, but that was a great show if you just wanted a serial story about space marines fighting bugs. I loved that the arcs were divided up into planetary campaigns.

      Yeah, it doesn’t have any of the movie’s satire, and the CG is some Beast Wars level shit that doesn’t hold up. But I really enjoyed the story.

      1. Yeah. That reminds me of one of the campaigns where they were basically fighting a guerrilla war where the bugs took control of the local population and were using them against the humans. The humans didn’t want to indiscriminately kill innocents and so some really interesting conflicts arose from that story arc. By the end the squad freed the locals from bug control and even adopted one into their team.

  6. Man, you guys totally shortchanged Conan the Adventurer. You literally didn’t say a SINGLE thing about the show itself, you just talked about the movies and Arnold.

    All things considered, it’s a pretty decent fantasy adventure series.

    1. I’m pretty sure the cartoon has no ties to the movies. There are none of the same producers and the production company is different.

    1. I can think of some cartoon DVD films from live action movies. Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury and Animatrix

  7. So, I came to the Laser Time podcast proper after listening to dozens of hours of Talking Simpsons and Thirty Twenty Ten and enjoying every minute of them. I really love what you’re doing, and think you guys have a great dynamic. Which is why I thought I would also love the Laser Time podcast.

    Unfortunately, I find the overuse of background music pretty much intolerable. I’ve got nothing against the use of background music for transitions or having it pop in when its relevant to the topic for a little bit, but the editing choice of having just random-ass NES chiptunes playing for several minute stretches while conversation is happening, and even sometimes while a SECOND set of music or audio clip is playing is just an unbearable listening experience for me. It really bums be out because I WANT to like this, but I just can’t deal.

    Maybe other people love it. Maybe you guys feel really strongly that it adds something you want there in your podcast. Which, if that’s the case, I just have to accept that maybe Laser Time isn’t for me. But if it’s just something sort of experimental, something you don’t really feel all that strong about, maybe consider a change? I say this as someone who has been listening to podcasts heavily for over a decade, and who has not once ever felt the need to complain about any sort of editorial or audio issue to a podcast before. I wouldn’t have bothered if I didn’t WANT to listen, I’d have just stopped listening.

    Anyway, thanks for all the rest of the audio content you guys make.

  8. First off I want to say thanks to whatever reptilian god over at Patreon that made RSS links a thing I’ve been a patron for about 2 months (Yay, finally having disposable income!) and have found it really annoying to navigate through content before this. Sitting at my computer is just not how I engage with your guy’s audio content, so now i’ll listen to Bonus Time more regularly.

    For shows you guys overlooked, I remember liking the Men In Black cartoon quite a bit as a little rascal. The theme song was catchy as hell.

  9. You guys missed the Jumanji TV series! I thought for years Jumanji was a Klasky Csupo joint based on how ugly everyone looked, but only recently found out it isn’t.

    Also, maybe I’m misremembering, but I remember Jumanji being one of those rare cartoons with an actual finale episode that wraps everything up.

  10. Sorry guys but I’ve heard you comment negatively on Napoleon Dynamite for long enough! I think it’s great and that it’s not a rip off of Paul Anderson films. Your wrong.

  11. I know it’s kind of a running joke how many cartoon episodes there are, but I always love listening to them and they’re some of the ones I revisit the most.

    This is a technicality, but MTV’s Spider-Man cartoon sort of fits the bill since it was following up the 2002 Spidey film and set in that continuity. It was god awful (and doesn’t make sense in the world of the film) but being a youngin’ at the time, the two year way between films felt like forever and I was just glad to have something around with webhead.

    1. I remember buying the DVD of MTV’s Spidey having never seen an episode. I thought it was pretty good but I haven’t seen it in years.

  12. Another great episode. Yeah, Chris was right about Starship Troopers. It was a cartoon that me and a couple friends watched and thought it was pretty good at the time. I believe they ended it on a cliff hanger which was pretty frustrating.

    So great to hear some Clerks cartoon love. I haven’t watched it in about 10 years but I loved the DVD release when it came out.

  13. Hi guys,
    Great pair of episodes, my favourite LaserTime shows are the ones going through history of some unusual topic. I’m the same age as Chris, so I was also into Roughnecks. I remember even back then questioning why there were so many clip shows and episodes out of order. But it was a pretty decent show that ended on a cliffhanger. I did also watch the Men in Black show, as I was big into the movie and the premise fits pretty well as a TV show. Interestingly the show referenced the events of the movie as having happened but seemed to take place in an alternate timeline where J, K and L (the female agent who Dave incorrectly identified as Claire Forlani, she was played by Linda Fiorentino) all worked together, it’s as if everything happened except the part where K retires. Godzilla also wasn’t a bad show, it also directly referenced the movie it was based on, and had the last Godzilla egg become basically Matthew Broderick’s (played by Ian Ziering) pet.

  14. The Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was okay. Kinda reminded me of King of the Hill.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when someone doesn’t like it. I find the movie fun and charming. If you haven’t seen Gentlemen Broncos, it is a lot like Napoleon Dynamite, but way more into satirizing Sci-Fi books and writers. I thought it was hilarious.

  15. You’re missing out not watching Stargate SG-1

    Tons of Simpsons references and even an entire episode starring Dan Castellaneta.

    mmmm goa’uld TV

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