WWE 2K16 Clash of Champions Prediction Stream!


Raw’s first exclusive PPV in years is happening this Sunday, so we’re gonna run through the biggest matches on the big show. Come join us on Twitch at 3PM PST and archived on YouTube forever after!

Before Dave and the gang chime in with their personal predictions (and let you make yours), we’re gonna sim (close to) the whole shebang in WWE 2K16! Watch with us, and chat about rasslin LIVE on Twitch! Want more wrestling conversation? Join Laser Time’s Patreon, which is the exclusive home of Laser Time’s pro wrestling podcast, Cheap Popcast!

Looking for weirder wrestling fare? Check out our off-beat WWE 2K16 Fantasy Fights, which feature crazy matches like this South Park-themed Royal Rumble!

2 thoughts on “WWE 2K16 Clash of Champions Prediction Stream!

  1. Never thought Charlotte was all that attraction. Then again I’m an ass man and she has nothing going on downstairs.

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