ALF – Sega Master System Gameplay


This is not a drill, people! Laser Time will finally be taking a long look at the game it was meant to stream, all in honor of ALF’s 30th anniversary of life away from Melmac. Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern)…

If ALF aint your thing, previous Wednesday Laser Time Shit Show game’s include:

2 thoughts on “ALF – Sega Master System Gameplay

  1. I still own my stuffed ALF and ALF sleeping bag from childhood. I own every season on DVD. I have an ALF keychain attached to my car keys that go to a car with an A-L-F license plate. Needless to say, I fucking love ALF. Thank you for the 28 minutes of footage for a game that, despite even my boundless Melmac enthusiasm, I will never touch because it looks like utter dogshit.

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