Crocodile Dundee arrives in NYC, the Nintendo 64 hits America and NBC’s Heroes doesn’t yet suck – Sep 23-29


Castlevania, Designing Women and Sledge Hammer debut alongside Crocodile Dundee, while this very week in 1996 marks the 20th anniversary of Weezer’s Pinkerton and the Nintendo 64! In 2006 we were all told to save the cheerleader, save the world while Tom Goes to the Mayor wraps up.


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19 thoughts on “Crocodile Dundee arrives in NYC, the Nintendo 64 hits America and NBC’s Heroes doesn’t yet suck – Sep 23-29

  1. “Bizarre Love Triangle” gets my vote for most perfect pop song of all time and is one of my karaoke go-tos.

    Sledge Hammer! was on Hulu recently, I ended up watching all 40 episodes in the week before it disappeared. One of the best things about the cliffhanger “resolution” is that they announce it was two years earlier, and within five minutes they have totally disregarded it. Sledge is with Doreau (who he met in the pilot) and they’re referencing season 1 episodes.

  2. It sounds like nobody saw the Name of the Rose film, considering you guys didn’t talk about it. I actually don’t like it much as an adaptation for the opposite of what Chris thought the movie was; it makes weird changes to be more action-y and focuses more on Christian Slater’s character, who does almost nothing in the novel except overhear conversations. The novel is an amazing piece of history and literature full of weirdly specific 14th century history along with references to Sherlock Holmes and Borges, with a fun little murder mystery driving the plot. The film obviously can’t get into long conversations about why the same people might join up with both radical and reactionary factions (because they don’t care about “issues” and just hate the people in power; still true today), and instead hyper-focuses on F. Murray Abraham’s minor character in the novel, turning him into a cartoonish super-villain of an inquisitor and changing his character arc so that the character gets his comeuppance on-screen in an action scene that’s not in the novel at all.

  3. Damn, shouldn’t have posted before hitting 2006. The Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon isn’t bad, but it’s a little sloppy (and I don’t care that much for its version of Brainiac5). The first season is on Amazon Prime.

  4. Oh, man, Heroes. I’m a fan of Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, but NOTHING showcases Bryan Fuller’s writing talents like seeing his effect on Heroes. To start off with, he was a writer on the (generally considered good) first season, and wrote “Company Man,” which is probably the best episode of the show. He’s not around for Season 2, wherein the show immediately falls of a cliff.

    In the back nine of Season 3, Bryan fuller comes back and is promoted to executive producer. He writes ONE episode that features a compelling and tragic romance story, and also subtly changes the course of several plotlines in a way that basically fixes the show. In just ONE episode. From a storytelling standpoint, it’s amazing to watch. That momentum carries the show through the rest of the season, after which Bryan Fuller leaves once again. After that, the show took an immediate nosedive and was canceled the next year.

    The truth is that Heroes was never good, it just lucked into landing a great writer who was between his own projects at the time. I can’t wait to see what he does while showrunning Star Trek.

    1. I came here to say the exact same thing. Well except I think DLM and PD blow away anything he did on Heroes. you said yourself the show was never good. Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies were phenomenal.

  5. I too watched Amen, and also am not sure why. It was an era that had a number of black shows on prime time networks, and they didn’t seem like they were in a TV ghetto the way the black shows of the 90’s on Fox and WB and others did.

    It’s actually the “sylvania” part that means the woods, so the sound of Castlevania is a better portmanteau than it might seem, though it doesn’t necessarily break down to two full meaning words, it does better than newer ones like “chocholic” (what the hell is chocohol??)

    Watching One Crazy Summer a few weeks ago I saw Savage Steve Holland was the director, and I wondered where I knew that name from. Looking it up I found he did Eek the Cat, and he was the guy who did the Whammy animations for Press your Luck. Watching his earlier movie, Better Off Dead, and his later movie, How I Got into College, they aren’t as wacky as One Crazy Summer, but it was worth checking out his movie ouvre recently. The Eek the Cat episode I watched was okay, but the Tick stands out as the best of that era of cartoons for me.

    I have no problem with Chris’s impersonations of people or accents, or his singing, but I hate Henry’s singing. Diana’s swearing isn’t necessarily a problem, but some shows she throws “fucking” in when it doesn’t really seem warranted, and then does it a lot, but this show I didn’t notice any.

  6. The start of my favorite game series ever! Long before Konami crapped on it with a bad anime fighter and a trilogy of painfully Westernized games, but it was a good dream back then.

    1. Mirror of Fate and the Sequel are definitely in the low tier of my favorite Castlevania rankings (Super Castlevania 4 til the day I die) I thought the first of the reboot series was a fun, challenging and all-around well put together game. Sure, those titan levels were bullshit and the last boss looked like Danzig stepping out of the shower, despite that- good stuff.

  7. Great episode guys. It’s interesting how as we get later in the year, you guys have more to talk about and the episodes have gotten longer. I’m not complaining at all, it’s awesome.

    By the way, Dave, the second to last track on Pinkerton is “Falling for You,” widely considered to be one of the best songs of Weezer’s entire catalogue. I maintain that neither of their first two albums has a bad song on them.

  8. Crocodile Dundee is still a beloved movie here in Australia its on free to air tv several times a year and i still hear it quoted quit alot.

  9. It doesn’t deal too much with Crocodile Dundee, but if anyone wants to find out more about the weird stuff that came out of Australia’s push to beef up its film industry in the 70s and 80s, Not Quite Hollywood is a really fun documentary.

    Or even if you aren’t interested, it’s full of nudity and explosions and stories about Dennis Hopper getting himself banned from an entire continent.

  10. Mrs. Wikiparaz pointing out that Castlevania basically means CastleWoods kind of blew my mind. Certainly makes the Metroidvania portmanteau seem odd if you didn’t know what it meant, in any case.

  11. I don’t notice Diana’s swearing. But, Chris, Brett, and Dave drop swear words like its going out of style. I like it though.
    Thumbs up for mentioning Amen. Black-led tv shows were always a special hit in my household growing up.

  12. I don’t give a damn how many fucking swear words you guys use, shit it’s your show and you say it’s for adults. What kind of ass would let a 5 year old listen to this anyway? What the fuck does a 5 year old care about 1986?

  13. I would like it to be known that I say No Whammies No Wammmies STOP! at least once a day…
    OH Dallas – It was a big ta doo about the dream year – The reason why was because the dream year didnt just affect Dallas – The spin off Knots Landing had Bobby’s brother Gary on it – Gary’s ex wife Val had twins (they were Gary’s and they were stolen…shocking) and the boy twin was named after Bobby – Gary went home to Dallas for the funeral – before all this happened there were occasionally cross over episodes but after it was revealed it was a dream – they couldn’t do it anymore.
    TV in 1986 was stellar – I miss being a kid sometimes

  14. I just saw a post today about it being the 20th anniversary of Sasha & Digweed – Northern Exposure. This is an all-time classic trance album, one that I think Brett would enjoy if he hasn’t heard it, since he brought up Robert Miles before. Cheers to another great episode guys!

  15. I was in the middle of thinking “‘G Damnit’ was a strong choice there.” when Diana said that her mom thinks she cusses too much.

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