LaserTime’s WWE Clash of Champions 2016 predictions: make yours too!

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1 – Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox – Pre-show match
Jeez, this is getting dangerously close to there being too much WWE programming to care about. Seriously, a PPV every two to three weeks? It’s just a lot to keep up with. Anywho, I wonder if this will be the squash it was last time, or if Alicia will make it a little bt competitive. If it’s going to fill the normal 10 minutes of pre-show match time, Fox can be totally destroyed by Jax. Still, unless Jax somehow pissed off the company behind-the-scenes, she will definitely win, it’s just a matter of how long it takes.
PICK: Nia Jax

2 – Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho
I think this will be a nice little feud for both parties, with Sami eventually winning the final match. Only I don’t think this battle of Canadians will be their only meeting. So I think Y2J will be the sneaky veteran here and take out Sami through underhanded means to set-up for a match at the Raw PPV two weeks later.
PICK: Chris Jericho

3- Cesaro vs. Sheamus: Match 7 in a best of 7 series
I love these guys when they’re against each other, though I hate Sheamus at just about any other time. However, some of the steam left this best of 7 series when Cesaro’s first win was untelevised, and it hasn’t really come back. Still, this should be the super-blowout final that should see both guys going full speed in a very good, even great match. I want Cesaro to win because it’s WAY past time WWE did anything substantial with him, and hopefully a win here goes straight into a Universal Title match.
PICK: Cesaro

4- WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick
I really enjoyed the Cruiserweight Classic, even though Kota Ibushi didn’t win nor did he join WWE, which was a major bummer. Still, I came to like TJ Perkins as the show went on, so I’m cool with him as the champ. Meanwhile, the first week of Raw’s cruiserweight division was kinda balls, with no mic time for the wrestlers and TJP wasn’t even on camera! I did love Brian Kendrick’s arc in the CWC, and he’ll make a good first defense for TJ, but Kendrick def feels like Vince only sees him as a job guy, just as he did back in 2008. Here’s hoping these two are given ample time to show what they can do.
PICK: TJ Perkins

5- WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
Hmm, this is a real tough one, because I feel like Charlotte shouldn’t just lose it again after getting it back. And yet, it’s really Sasha’s time to shine and I want her to get the belt back. I’m thinking Banks wins it by beating Bayley to set up a singles feud for them, while Charlotte transitions into a terrible feud with Dana Brooke.
PICK: Sasha Banks

6- WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Club
I love The New Day, but they’re getting less funny by the week and their title reign is really long in the tooth. Meanwhile, The Club haven’t been the asskickers they deserve to be up until now. So, let this match fix that. Have The Club beat the crap out of New Day, be somewhat underhanded, and then get the championships. Then New Day are underdogs again and can be funny while trying to get their titles back.
PICK: The Club

7- WWE United States Champion Rusev vs. Roman Reigns
This is a really hard one to choose. I do think Roman would do well with a John Cena-like US Championship run, buuuuuut I also think the Vince sees Reigns as above that belt. Meanwhile, after holding it for so long and so dominantly, I’d rather see Rusev ultimately lose the title to someone who could be elevated by getting it. So I think Rusev wins in the most spineless way possible, just so it’s clear to us that Roman is the greatest without winning the US title.
PICK: Rusev

8- WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins
Kevin Owens just got the belt and Seth Rollins just became a good guy. With both characters so early in their new positions, it’s not time for one to lose the belt and the other to win their first real championship. So I think Owens wins, likely with cheating, perhaps with even Triple H finally showing up again to explain why the hell he did what he did weeks ago. Sure, that means Owens will win while being overshadowed by Triple H/Seth Rollins, but such is life.
PICK: Kevin Owens

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5 thoughts on “LaserTime’s WWE Clash of Champions 2016 predictions: make yours too!

  1. Nia Jax
    Sami Zayn
    Cesaro (I pray the don’t decide to become a tag-team)
    The Brian Kendrick
    Roman Reigns, but by DQ. (Yes, this kind of ending AGAIN!)
    The Club please let them finally look strong
    Sasha Banks
    Kevin Owens in 24 minutes with a little help from HHH once again.
    After coming so close last time, I really want all the CHEAP POPSTARS out there in the Laser Time universe to hear the Earth Worm Jim esq Ice Train Theme

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