Laser Time – Craziest Crossovers Ever


Yeah, superheroes meeting is great, but what about the weirdness of Mickey Mouse amongst alcoholics and Hank Hill selling propane to a cosmic comic character? We discuss the craziest crossovers ever and quiz a Lego Dimensions developer on the game’s eclectic cast!


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16 thoughts on “Laser Time – Craziest Crossovers Ever

  1. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Van Helsing made me think of I, Frankenstein which was planned to be part of the classic monster movies you guys mentioned. I, Frankenstein is real real bad, I highly recommend it.

    1. So was Dracula Untold. I’d love to see a new Universal Monster Movie Universe, but the attempts have been so fucking poor thus far.

  2. It’s weird that you talked about the Doc Brown cameo in A Million Ways to Die in the West, but didn’t mention the Django one after the credits(which was much better anyway).

  3. If you have ever been a fan of Transformers or G.I. Joe you must read the hilarious and incredibly in-depth Tom Scioli and John Barber’s Transformers Vs GI Joe crossover epic. It not only goes out of it’s way to include everyone from G.I Joe’s Ice Cream Soilder, to Transformers Crypt keeper, but it pushes the Comic genre as a whole with it’s pretzel twists after twist of a plot and it’s nostalgia filled illusions to the pack-in comics of the toys and their original line.

    Though Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law for Wii is a great (if minor) crossover between Hannah Barbera and Capcom , the new Future Quest comic is great too! And could anybody forget the Street Sharks teaming up with the Extreme Dinosaurs!!!??? EXTREME!!!!!

    1. Once IDW decided to make a new Mars Attacks comic around 2013 using both the movie and the original cards as a base they proceeded to have them crossover with every single franchise they owned or had previous cross-overs with in order to promote it. So you got Mars Attacks invading Transformers, Popeye, The Real Ghostbusters, KISS, GI JOE, and Judge Dredd. It was a complete mess but an entertaining one.

      IDW also had a massive crossover with all of those characters in a story-line involving zombies which was also pretty nuts.

  4. I watched King Kong vs. Godzilla a few months ago, and if you think white people in blackface is weird, check out Japanese people in blackface!

  5. The one absurd video game crossover I can think of is Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team. As far as I can tell the connection there was that Tradewest distributed both in the US. but both were still owned separately by Rare and Technos. It might be the very first time a Japanese game franchise crossed over with a Western one. And it’s quite unusual in that Technos basically had no input or oversight on the game, Rare pretty much did the whole thing by themselves. We all know that it’s extremely rare for Japanese companies to just give others free reign with their properties

  6. I’ve never seen anyone mention that the USA Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Savage Dragon and Wing Commander cartoons had a one day crossover event. Michael Dorn from TNG played “The Warrior King” and chased the same artifact through each of their respective universes all in one day. Not only that, but it actually had a payoff at the end of the arc.

    You can watch it all here:


  7. Not sure if this was mentioned, but the old GI Joe and Transformers cartoons had a couple crossovers in 1986

    Cobra Commander (Old Snake) and the Synthiods (from the 1985 GI Joe two-parter The Synthoid Conspiracy) in Transformers:

    Plus the new character of Marissa Faireborn is Flint and Lady Jaye’s daughter after the post-movie time jump in Transformers

  8. The first half of Tomorrowland is really good, then the film remembers Damon Lindelof wrote it and the last 45 minutes is unwieldy, nonsensical claptrap that leaves a bunch of unanswered questions but on the whole is just so deflating you never want the questions answered (see also: Lost), and Hugh Laurie is there as a Scooby Doo villain. Also a lot of critics praised Bird’s visuals, but I was annoyed at him for having Clooney give a nostalgic monologue while the camera is in an awkward mid-shot that doesn’t show Clooney’s face: shoot your movie star like a movie star! You made the Iron Giant, how can you make something this bad?

    1. Also, on the topic of crossovers, I’m surprised nobody brought up the Tommy Westphall multiverse theory. For those that haven’t heard of it, hospital dramedy St. Elsewhere had a series finale where Tommy, a character’s autistic son, was seen with a replica of the hospital held in a snowglobe and that he had populated the “show” with his family and their friends. But if that show was a kid’s dream, then the shows that crossed over with it, like Cheers and Homicide, must also be part of Tommy’s dream. And those shows crossed over with other shows, and on and on, to include everything from Arrested Development to the Walking Dead.

      The theory’s site:

  9. I don’t know if this counts since it’s in a parody film, but this scene from Hot Shots Part Deux is probably my favorite multilayered gag ever. Apologies for the poor quality.

    So that’s Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and Wall Street all in about 30 seconds. Impressive to say the least.

  10. This doesn’t fit with the episode’s theme exactly but this is no less official than something like the WB Pokémon/Batman commercials. My favorite part of any awards show is when they do the video packages where they have characters from different shows and networks crossover. The one that sticks in my mind the most is this one with a bunch of characters from other shows showing up on The Office:

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