Battlezone VR: A 35 Year Journey into Virtual Reality


What is Battlezone VR? Well, to put it in a sweet and nerdy way, it’s the culmination of three decades worth of arcade simplicity mixed with innovative technology. We got a chance to check out the brand new game running on the PlayStation VR and the results left us smiling…

Wanna see the spankin’ new PlayStation VR headset in action? Well, we’re gonna do our best to convey the experience of Sony’s latest stab at virtual reality and your only price of admission is a tiny bit of arcade history. C’mon, it’ll be fun! Plus Rebellion dropped by the Laser Time studio to give us a demo of Battlezone VR with the soon-to-be released PSVR and I can’t imagine you aren’t a little curious.

Note that the camera shake is Brett gently nodding

How was Battlezone VR? Well, it’s easily the most fun VR game I’ve ever played and that derpy ass expression on my face should be more than enough proof of my sincerity. Of course, I’m pulling form an incredibly shallow pool here. I’ve only briefly used the Oculus a couple times, never touched a Vive, and the only stuff I’ve experienced in modern VR are barely what you’d call “games” in the traditional sense. See for yourself!

This is not to say Battlezone isn’t a perfectly charming game in its own right. Hell, it’d probably be fine with or without the PSVR if I’m being completely honest. But when you throw together its easy-to-grasp gameplay (sort of like controlling the Batmobile in Arkham Knight in a much more lethal arcade game) and the charmingly Tron-esque visuals, then mix it with the PSVR’s 60fps, 1:1 head tracking it really does enhance the hell out of the experience. If you’re a regular listener of Vidjagame Apocalypse it should go without saying I really want to see this generation of VR take hold, but even though the PSVR makes for the most affordable option, I can’t pretend the luxury isn’t prohibitively expensive. But with a couple more games like, Battlezone it would absolutely be easier to justify. Curious as to what you folks have to say about PSVR, so let us know in the comments below!

Battlezone VR and the PlayStation VR arrive October 13th. Until then, here’s the Diamond Dog doing the Lord’s work! 


2 thoughts on “Battlezone VR: A 35 Year Journey into Virtual Reality

  1. Dayem! That was super well-produced through and through and super well-spoken on Chris’ part! Concise, informative, and entertaining history lesson to set things up, right into gameplay from the new game. Love it!

  2. Thats the first Sony VR game that I actually would consider buying someday. Nice to see another game from Rebellon. Nice preview.

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