Vidjagame Apocalypse 184 – Vampire Protagonists


It’s the first week of October, which means we’re kicking off a month of supernatural- and horror-themed Top 5s, beginning with a look at immortal, superpowered bloodsuckers who starred in their own games. We then talk about the early releases of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Gears of War 4, delve into why Danganronpa on PS4 is exciting news, and look at the N64 games you want to play, but still haven’t.

Question of the Week

What’s a time when a game actually scared you?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Gears of War 4

23 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 184 – Vampire Protagonists

  1. I’m not a big survival horror fan, but dead space got its hooks in me. A time I got scared in that game? How about random hallway #1 at the beginning before you are even fucking armed!!

    1. I would just like to say Michael Grimm is a beacon of light in these dark and turbulent times

  2. Danganronpa made me realize visual novel-ish games can be good! Also: 999 for DS. As Wikiparaz mentioned, Dangan has been available to basically anyone with a cheap laptop for over a year now, via Steam; it hasn’t been “locked to Vita”!

  3. Chris keeps insisting that Rakugaki Showtime is related to Mischief Makers, and everyone keeps dismissing this.

    They actually ARE related: Marina is an unlockable character, and is easily the most broken character. For whatever reason, she’s missing her bandana, but she’s specifically called Marina, has peg legs and green hair, and has the strongest throws in the game.

  4. QotW: SOMA. On the ship. With the dudes that have strobe lights for heads. With the loop audio recording of the end of the world. Your vision gets all fucked up from the strobe light guys. I hide in a corner and think, “it didn’t see me, right?” The screen glitches, SUPRISE! strobe light heads can teleport. AND it did see me , AND its killing me. While my corpse is bouncing off the ground i can still hear the somber description if the last moments on earth.

    Then i quit the games for two days to cope. Play the same section again and hide inside a room. Monster walks past and i think “they cant open doors right?” Low and behold they in fact can open doors. It opens the door, screen glitches and BOOM there it is beating the shit out of me. yelled “nope!” and turned off the game until recently. I have beaten SOMA without the wuss mod (that is its actual name) so I’m not just some scared guy. i’m brave and tough!

    I agree with Grim that this game and dear ester need rocket jumping.

  5. Metal Gear Solid, especially after Natasha’s talk about MUF. Yes. it is true, especially when each administration since Eisenhower has done a poor job with dealing with nuclear waste.

  6. Bioshock Infinite. For a game that’s largely not even tense, that jump scare towards the end was god damn terrifying. To this day I still don’t know why they put it in there, other than to make asshats like me throw their controllers.

  7. I knew exactly what I was going to send in for question of the week and wasn’t expecting Grimm to steal my answer. I played WaxWorks on my Amiga 500 when I was like 8 years old and the decapitation image in the Ancient Egypt level fucked me up for months, I remember having nightmares about being trapped in all those maze-like levels. The Amiga had so many weird, violent games that a child like me shouldn’t have been playing. Another scene that sticks out that haunted me as a kid was the beginning of Another World where the player can get stung by an alien slug and immediately die. I’m pretty sure it contributed to my lifelong fear of slugs.

  8. Question of the Week:
    A lot of games have scared me over the years, but none as truly and as viscerally as X-COM UFO DEFENSE did when I was a kid. The music was super spooky, and I was already terrified of aliens coming to get me every night, so getting slaughtered by aliens in X-COM didn’t help that fear. What also didn’t help was that the only computer in our house was in dad’s office in our spooky, dark basement. I would play until the wee morning hours, then would have to run through the dark basement and up a spooky dark staircase to get upstairs. Basements!! Am I right?!

  9. I actually have an answer this! Years ago when I was living up in Northern Ohio as a kid I remember going to the video store to rent Splatterhouse 3 for the Sega Genesis. For the record, I love the game and I’ve played the other ones since then except for the PS3/360 one a few years ago, but as you recall that was the first one that had a time limit for each level and they were set up like mazes too! So if you ran out of time, nothing happened to YOU, but you’d get a pretty gruesome picture or cutscene of something happening to your son of your wife, and I specifically remember her being infected by the worm and turning into a mindless beast. I kinda just gave up playing after that because I could handle failure, but not the combination of failure and being completely terrified by those cutscenes which, even though they were on the Genesis, still look incredible!


    Every game scares me.

    My real answer though is Slender. After watching a Rooster Teeth let’s play video where two dudes played it co-op, one person on keyboard and the other on mouse, I decided to try it with my flatmate at the time. We made it about one minute before I threw the mouse and she threw the keyboard and we noped the fuck out.

    Bonus answer: Amnesia Dark Descent. I have fearquit that game every time I’ve tried to play it and never gotten any further than maybe ten minutes in. One time I saw a monster and it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen, I haven’t been back since.

  11. QOTW-Undertale!

    SPOILERS for the first ending!

    I played through this when it first came out after seeing some recommendations that compared it to Earthbound, but what I didn’t know was that the final boss would also come out of nowhere to turn the cute dog-petting RPG into a horror game! Having my save file irrevocably corrupted by a malevolent flower who then morphs into a mismatched, game-breaking demon gave me my first panic attack. I beat it eventually, but I had to take a break and watch Danger 5 to calm down.

  12. QOTW: When you reach the point in Wild ARMs where the three main heroes unite, game starts scrolling the credits ending it all in typical “end of the game”-fashion. The game was so amazing until then so I almost crapped my pants thinking that the game would be over already but thank the heavens it was literally just the beginning of a beautiful and glorius JRPG.

  13. QOTY: The first Condemned was too much for me. I was able to play the game until you get to the abandoned shopping mall where all those crazy assholes pretend to be mannequins. I would inch my way through that level with that garbage flashlight and poke at every thing that even remotely looked human shaped, only to end up screaming anyway when i would get popped from behind by a homeless man in a dirty tuxedo. Fuck that, never finished the game.

  14. I got the same feeling about how GTA V that Chris did, with the way the game kills off all of the Lost and the Damned guys and the main character. It seemed odd that they suddenly made them live on the other side of America just so they can murder every single one and take out the main character the way they did, rather then just have a bunch of new character for Trevor to kill. Meanwile, no one else from GTA IV shows up apart from Patrtrick.

    It’s not unlike them to do something like too, they mentioned in an interview that they killed off the Avery Carrington character In Liberty City Stories, because of some things Burt Reynolds said during his recording sessions of the character in Vice City.

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