Kingdom Hearts: The Boss Battles Begin!


Riku makes a dark Disney alliance and while Brett and Chris try and cast a little Haste on the “finale” of Kingdom Hearts.

Catch up on Kingdumb Farts, or Laser Time’s complete playthrough of Kingdom Hearts here or in the playlist below! (Almost done, people)

3 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: The Boss Battles Begin!

  1. I’ve been watching along since the beginning and enjoying it the whole time. I echo the statements made about the nature of the game, expecting you to wander around and find the proper trigger to continue is an archaic game design that I’m glad we’ve moved past. Yeah, objective arrows and map markers can take a lot of the fun out of exploration but if they’re done well they remove the time sink and frustration that older games suffer from. Chris, it is slightly jarring to see you go from a clean shaven face to a bunch of stubble from the last two videos, especially with the same shirt each time.

    Are you guys going to continue with the Kingdom Hearts series or move on to something else next?

  2. Feel the need to comment after what was said at the beginning of the video and say that I’m still enjoying the series and eagerly awaiting each episode.
    Keep up the good work, guys.

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