Monday Night Movie: The Thing!


NEW TIME: 12PM PACIFIC (3PM EASTERN) Again, please note the earlier recording time, because we’re changing things up for our October movie megathon a bit, and our fine Patron’s voted for John Carpenter’s The Thing as our first horror movie of the month…

Be here at 12PM Pacific, with your own copy of 1982’s The Thing, and get ready to watch one of the dopest movies ever made!

UPDATE: THE THING STREAM IS OVAAAA! Get your audio/video commentary on Patreon, or audio commentary on Laser Time’s Bandcamp.

This movie was decided upon by Laser Time Patrons, who also have access to ALL previous Monday Night Movie commentaries, in addition to an exclusive weekly podcast and other premium goodies. Please consider joining Laser Time’s Patreon, it’s how we survive! After the live recording, you may pick up this or any commentary a la carte over on Laser Time’s Bandcamp page.

6 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: The Thing!

  1. Ah, drat. The earlier time means I’m missing out on this one due to stupid work. Ah well, it’s one I’ve seen several times before, so I hope everyone who stops in enjoys it. 🙂

  2. oh god dammit. It happened at 3pm est? It’s official. I am doomed to miss every single one of these. Just going to pop a suggestion in. Make it the same time as the streams. 3pm pst . Then it will be more of an expected timeframe. Is lasertime is gonna do something. it will probably be at that time or something. Fuck. First godzilla returns, now this. CURSED!

  3. I’ve finally got to watch a movie with you guys! (Not live but pulled up the youtube stream on my phone). Always happy to enjoy any content you guys put out. The Thing is one of my favorite movies ever, its so good and being from 1982 with effects that even hold up now is just mind-blowing, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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